How do I reset the phone to factory settings?

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Please note

Device reset to factory settings means the following:

  • all user data, settings and accounts are deleted from the device (data on memory card remains intact), and are irretrievable after this operation
  • all applications installed by the user are removed
  • the operating system is likely reverted to the version the device had when leaving the factory (or which was programmed to it at service). You will likely have to install previously applied System Updates again.


1 Preparations

2 Resetting the device

3 First actions after the reset


1 Preparations

It is recommended to take a backup of the data in your device and copy it to an SD card before running the reset. Once done then proceed to the reset.

Whether unsure if the device reset will erase data you will need once it's gone, please make a list for yourself of all files or other information on your device that is important to you, and use our backup article as a resource to learning what information can be saved and how.


2 Resetting the device

1. Connect a battery charger to the device.

2. Go to menu Settings > System > 'Reset device'.

3. Tap on 'Clear device'.

4. Read the disclaimer, and tap on 'Accept' if you are ready to proceed.

5. If you have the device lock enabled, it will prompt for the lock code here.

6. The reset starts now.

The reset takes about 20 seconds. It ends when the device is turned off, i.e. the display is black. On the Jolla phone the LED below the screen is no longer lit.

You can then restart the device by using the Power key on the side of your device.


3 First actions after the reset

Especially in case where the reset has reverted your device to one of the early SailfishOS versions (,, 1.0.3.x, 1.0.4.y, 1.0.5.z) it is recommended to run the first start up in the way described below.

These guidelines are to avoid the situation where you upgrade the OS while the device keeps installing a set of apps in the background. This has sometimes caused serious problems. Moreover, the goal is to first update SailfishOS to its newest (best) version and ensure that the rest of the actions work well.

1. Run the startup actions, including

- select language
- accept the SailfishOS terms of use
- enter PIN code (if applicable)
- choose your favourite colour (you can change it later)
- check date and time; set correct if necessary
- skip "My Info" as there is no use for this information for now
- sign in to your Jolla account which requires to select the Internet connection (WLAN or mobile data); instead of signing in you can also register a new Jolla account (this requires a different email address, though).  If signing in should keep failing then skip this step and sign in once you have completed the startup actions. You will need sign in to get the SailfishOS update in chapter 2 below.
- SKIP signing in/up to other accounts (we will do this later)
- SKIP "Get your content" (we will do it later, with the new SailfishOS version)
- SKIP "Get your apps" (we will do this later, too)
- run through the Tutorial introducing the gestures of Jolla (or skip it by tapping all four corners of the display in clockwise direction - start from top left)

2. Get the SailfishOS update

The device has probably presented a notification about SailfishOS update by now (*). Please download and install it now:

- with the device in portrait orientation, swipe from left to right  - this will bring up the Events view
- tap on "System update available". Jolla Store opens up.
- follow the on-screen instructions.
- more instructions on this page.

Visit Settings > Info > About product after your device has restarted. Check that it has the latest SailfishOS version now.

(*) If not, visit menu page Settings > System > Sailfish OS updates and check if updates are available using the pulldown menu.

If the device keeps failing to indicate the availability of SailfishOS updates, it may be possible to make them appear with the following commands (this requires the Developer Mode, SSH password and Terminal app - see "Settings > System > Developer mode"). Should you need help with the commands above, please contact Jolla Service & Support.

devel-su               ## Use your SSH password here
ssu release ## Your target OS version - change if needed
version --dup

The user interface of the device should now show notifications about the OS updates when they become available. 

3. Install your primary applications

- install your mostly used applications from Jolla Store (install more apps later)
- install your The Other Half (TOH) back cover, again, as soon as the install dialog appears on the display (make it appear by attaching the TOH again)

4. Restore your data from the SD card

Restore the backup from the SD card. Please note that there are two phases: first you move the data from the SD card to the device memory and then you make the data available for your apps with the 'Restore' action. Follow the instructions here.

5. Check you accounts

Check your accounts (e.g. Google, Exchange, Facebook) on menu page Settings > Accounts. Backup should have restored the account settings; however, it is best to check all accounts and sign in again if necessary.

6. Check you settings

All settings are in their default values after the factory reset. Some of them may not have your favourite values. Check at least the following:

  • Settings > Look and feel > Gestures: "Quick app closing" and "Quick Events access"
  • Settings > Look and feel > Events view: "Setting shortcuts" and "Select actions"
  • Settings > Look and feel > Display: "Sleep after"
  • Settings > Connectivity > Location: "Location" and "Offline position lock..."
  • Settings > Apps > Phone: "Quick call" (read this)
  • Settings > Apps > People: Check "Show" and "Sort" options.
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    romica neculai

    y dont know my securyty code .. Ș(( ...

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    romica neculai

    how y can get my security code ??

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    Jolla Care

    The device lock on Sailifsh OS has been designed to be reliable. There is no way to "get the security code". The device must be taken to repair service to unlock it without knowing the correct code.

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