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Should your phone get stuck so badly that you cannot boot it up anymore or that it otherwise misbehaves badly, it is good to consider whether the whole operating system and data should be reset.

We recommend reflashing the phone (i.e., re-installing Sailfish OS) instead of running the device reset. This advice is for the Xperia phones for which the installable OS packages ("images") are available.


There are two or three ways to "clean up" a Sailfish phone:

1) Device reset (a.k.a. factory reset) - see this article

2) Re-installation of Sailfish (by "flashing") to Xperia phones - see this article

3) Recovery mode - see the instructions for Xperia, Jolla Phone, and Jolla Tablet
- it may be possible to reset the device in this mode


We concentrate on comparing options 1) and 2) here.


Device reset
  • can be done with the phone only, no extra devices are needed
  • simple to do via the phone UI as the command line (Linux commands) is not needed
    NB:  not available on Xperia 10 II nor on Xperia 10 III
  • reverts the phone OS to an old version (which must be updated)
  • after the reset, the OS update chain must traverse all Stop Releases - there may be plenty of them - lots of work and may take several hours
  • the old OS version remains on the phone (so, another reset later would require lots of work)
  • there are some known issues with the OS update chain - you would risk hitting them
  • you will get the latest OS version right away
  • you would avoid the potential issues with the OS update chain as there is no need to update
  • if the phone should be reset in the future, the reset would revert the OS to this fairly recent version only (as the recovery version is updated in this process)
  • it takes only 10-15 minutes if the flashing environment is ready on a PC
  • this clean-up is more powerful than the device reset
  • preparing the flashing environment on a PC may take time from an inexperienced user (although we have good instructions for you)
  • problems with USB ports are typical especially with some Linux flavours
  • installing the fastboot drivers to Windows is somewhat complicated
  • not possible for Jolla Phone, Jolla C nor Jolla Tablet as flashable OS images are not available


NOTE: The common drawback with both device reset and with re-installation is that all data, apps, and accounts are deleted from the phone. A complete re-setup is needed afterward.


We recommend re-installation.





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