Repair Service by Mobylife Oy Finland (Jolla Phone only)

Jolla Care -

It is possible to have your Jolla Phone repaired at our partner company Mobylife Oy, Helsinki, Finland.

The warranty period of all Jolla Phones is over by now (July 2018). Therefore Mobylife will charge the customer for all repair services, for sending the device in and out, and for potential taxes or customs fees.

Please contact Mobylife directly to request a quote on the estimated costs.



Mobylife Oy

Hiomotie 30,
00380 Helsinki,

Web pages:

Customer service:
Monday to Friday at 08:00 to 16:00

  • tel. (internal, Finland) 0600 0 1060 (1,49 €/min+additional charges)

Monday to Friday at 10:00-12:00 also

  • at number +358 9 5655 7330


Mobylife Shop Helsinki

Hiomotie 30,
00380 Helsinki
Opening hours: Mon to Fri at 08-18
Telephone service: Mon to Fri at 08-18 at number +358 9 56557320


Service request form

Please print out this service request form  and fill in the details.
Send the letter together with your broken Jolla phone to the repair service of Mobylife Oy, Finland.



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