Android apps are failing to open. What can I do?

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It may sometimes happen that after successfully installing Android App Support and Android apps, those apps are failing to open up. The same has sometimes happened after an OS update, too.


One typical reason is that there are some incompatible apps from OpenRepos installed. Often, the following two have been the culprit:

- Themepack support

- Aliendalvik Control

Please remove those apps first. Try to do it in the normal way, working at the UI. If this does not work then consider the commands below issued in the Terminal app. For this, you need to enable the Developer mode (see ).

pkcon remove harbour-themepacksupport
pkcon remove aliendalvik-control systemctl start aliendalvik


Should that not help, or if there are other unknown reasons, then the following probably would - it does not harm the data of your Android apps:

systemctl stop aliendalvik
rm -rf /home/.android/data/system/package_cache/1/Alien*
systemctl start aliendalvik


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