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The QR code reader was added to the Sailfish Camera in OS release 4.0.1. After enabling this feature in Settings > Apps > Camera, the camera viewfinder will automatically recognise QR codes in the view and show a button for converting the code to a web address (URL).


On Sailfish 4.0.1, the QR code reader can recognise 2-dimensional codes with small squares in 3 corners of the code (an example here in Wikipedia).


1. Turning the feature on

Open the page Settings > Apps > Camera and tap the item "Enable QR code recognition".





2. Using the QR code reader

Open the Camera app. Point the camera to a QR code. The QR button should appear (see the red circle in the picture below) as an indication on recognizing the QR code.

Try to find an appropriate distance so that the focus is set at the QR code. Tapping at the QR code in the camera view may help. A circle with the ambience colour denotes the correct focus - in the picture below it is the green circle. The QR button appears on the screen as soon as the QR code is recognised.

If no QR button appears then the code may not be a valid QR code, or else the code you pointed to was not in the focus of your camera. Try again, please.






3. Web address

Tap the QR button to reveal the web address in the QR code. A new view, similar to the example below, will appear.




You can either tap the web address in the middle to open it to the Sailfish Browser
or use the Copy button to save the address to the copy/paste buffer for your next actions.


4. An example of a QR code

The following code is to help you practise with the QR code reader.
It contains the URL






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