Checking and changing the permissions and settings of Android apps

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There is no direct way to the Android settings of apps on a Sailfish device. One has to enter the settings of one Android app first and proceed to the generic settings from there.

This article concerns AndroidTM App Support v. 8.1, so currently (Feb 2020) this is for the Xperia XA2 and Xperia 10 devices.


1. Permission of one Android application

1) Go to Settings > Apps > [one-of-your-Android-apps]
2) Tap button "Open AndroidTM settings" (see picture below, left)
3) Tap "Permissions" (below, middle) to check or change the permissions of this particular app.

A-settings-0.png  A-settings-1.png  A-settings-2.png



2. Settings of all Android applications

(we continue from step 3 of chapter 1 here)

4) Tap the Back arrow (near bottom left corner) to get back from the permissions view of one individual app. Then, tap the Back arrow again to view the settings of all Android apps.
-This latter tap might minimise what you are viewing (this issue should be fixed) - in such a case, tap the minimized app to make it big again.

5) This new view (below, left) concerns all Android apps. Tap item "Apps & notifications"
6) Next (below, middle), tap "App permissions" (near the bottom of the page).
7) Tap "Contacts" (below, right), for instance, to view which apps have the permission to use them.


A-settings-3b.png  A-settings-4b.png  A-settings-5b.png


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