How to install "APK Pure" app store, and an Android app from APK Pure

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APK Pure contains a good choice of popular Android apps. It is easy to install Android apps to your Sailfish OS device after installing the app of APK Pure.



Status update from April 2021:

Version 3.17.18 of APKpure has been reported to contain malware - see

Please upgrade your APKpure app to version 3.17.19 at the soonest!


Status update from February 2021:

APKPure website, which is another good source of Android apps, started serving 64bit APKs by default and they’ll fail to install to Sailfish, but there won’t be anything displayed to a user (because notifications from Android App Support are broken). You will need to choose armeabi-v7a (32bit) variant of the APK on the website.

Status update from June 2020:

The latest versions of APK Pure cannot any more be installed to Jolla Phone as the (Android) SDK version of it (i.e., the simulated Android version) is 16 which is too old.


1. Downloading and installing APK Pure to your Sailfish device

  1. Open Sailfish Browser app.
  2. Type and open page
  3. Tap the green-and-white "Download" on that page (see the picture below on the left)
  4. Tap another green-and-white "Download" - it has the version number and size now. The download of the APK Pure apk file (installation file) begins.
  5. Wait till the Sailfish OS banner about complete download appears at the top of the screen.

APKpure_-_web_page.png  APKpure_-_download_to_start.png  APKpure_-_downloading.png


NOTE: Alternatively, you might want to download an app (apk) from the website of APK Pure, i.e., without installing the APK Pure app.


2. Installing APK Pure to your Sailfish device

Let's install APK Pure now.

  1. Tap the icon at the bottom right corner of the Sailfish Browser window (it has 4 short lines stacked). This opens a menu, so next, tap the Transfers icon (down arrow). This opens the Transfers page of Sailfish OS.
    - Alternatively, instead of using the browser, open Settings app and go directly to menu page "Settings > Transfers".
  2. The downloaded installation file "APKPure_v.*" appears on top of the page.
    Tap it.
  3. Sailfish starts installing the APK Pure application. Once it is installed, you will see an information banner on the top of screen.

Sailfish OS will install the Android app "APK Pure" to your device, then. It will soon appear at the end of the app grid.





3. Installing Android apps from APK Pure to your Sailfish device

  1. Once the installation of APK Pure app is completed, open this app.
  2. Tap in the search box at the top of the app window. Type the beginning of your favourite Android app name, e.g. "Insta". APK Pure will show 3 options below. Tap at line "Apps: Insta"  (or whichever app name you had written and started searching for).
  3. Tap "Install" next to your app (e.g. Instagram).
  4. Let Sailfish start installing your app.  Note that in case of your 1st app from APK Pure, you will need to allow APK Pure to do its job - see chapter 4 below.

APKpure_app_insta.png  APKpure_instagram.png



4. Allowing APK Pure to install apps

If you are installing the 1st app from APK Pure to this phone, APK Pure will request for permission to do it. And this happens in a fairly non-intuitive way: suddenly, a view to the Android settings appears without any guidance. Do as follows - see also the screenshots below.

  1. Tap "Apps & notifications"
  2. Tap "APK Pure"
  3. Scroll down to section "Advanced". Consider which notifications and permissions
  4. Tap "Install unknown apps"
  5. Move the slider switch of "Allow from this source" to the right, i.e. enable it.
  6. Use the back arrow to return multiple pages untill you see one for installing your app. Should you not get there, restart your phone, open APK Pure again, search for your app and start installing it again. APK Pure should continue from where it was stopped.






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