If Android apps cannot access Internet by using mobile data

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If the Android apps on your Sailfish device are able to reach the Internet over WLAN but not over mobile data,try the following tricks:


1. Trick #1

Restart your phone. Try again, then.


2. Trick #2

check the Internet protocol used:

  • Open "Settings > System > Mobile network > Data access point"
  • Tap Protocol
  • If you have "Dual" or "IPv6" chosen, take "IP"  (this means IPv4)
  • Close Settings
  • Restart the device.

Try if your Android apps get the Internet connection now.



NOTE: On dual SIM devices, there are two menu items with the name "Data access point", one for each SIM card.  The SIM card (one of the two) that is to be used for Internet connections is chosen in "Settings > System> Mobile network > Use SIM card"



This link has our main article on getting and using Internet connections.

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