Some conventions of contact synchronization in Sailfish OS

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There are local contacts and synced contacts in Sailfish OS.

  • A contact created on the device (in "People app > Add contact") becomes
    • a local contact if "Phone" is selected for the target in the "Save to" field
    • a synced contact if an account server (e.g. Google, Exchange, Nextcloud) is selected in the "Save to" field
    • this selection cannot be changed later.
  • Contacts copied to the device with Bluetooth, Email or File Manager become local contacts. The same applies to contacts copied from a SIM card to the phone.
  • Contact originally synced down from an account server remain synced contacts. If a synced contact is edited on the phone and if the account settings have the option "Two-way sync" enabled, then the edited contact is uploaded to the account server. However, if the option "To device only" is in effect then only the changes made to the contacts at the account server are synchronized to the phone.
  • Only local contacts are included in the Backup. Since synced contacts can be retrieved from the account server, they are left out of the backup.
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