Things to do in order to receive your Tablet refund

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This article contains all the steps all Tablet Indiegogo contributors should follow in order to receive their refund.


1 Finding out which email address(es) you used for contributing

2 Verifying your contributions and finding out a Pledge ID

3 Setting up a PayPal account

*Note: Information on all of the above is required in order to receive your refund.

1 Finding out which email address(es) you used for contributing

If you have multiple email addresses we recommend that you follow the below procedure to find out what all email addresses you used to place your contributions in the Jolla Tablet campaign:

1) Enter the Inbox of each email account

2) Use the Search function, and search for keywords such as "Indiegogo", "contributing", or "Jolla Tablet"

3) Find the emails that are sent by "Indiegogo Support", with the title Thanks for contributing to ‘Jolla Tablet - world's first crowdsourced tablet’!‏:

4) Open up the emails to see what each email confirms you have contributed towards:

The confirmation emails contain important information that we've highlighted them in green:

1: This is the username generated for you, and you will see it on

2: This is the actual Perk that this email confirms you've contributed towards.

A few notes relating to this:

  • there is only one Perk per email, and most contributors have at least two Perks they've contributed towards (the Tablet and shipping), so be on the lookout for multiple emails.
  • in this example this is the confirmation for the upgrade of a Tablet from 32Gb to the 64Gb version. You still need to confirm, that you've contributed towards a Tablet. You will find this confirmation in a second email sent to you from Indiegogo Support.

5) Please write down e.g. on a piece of paper all the contributions you find from these confirmation emails.

6) Repeat steps 1-5 in all your email accounts.

7) You now know what all email addresses you have used for placing the contributions, and what all Perks you have contributed towards.


*If you have problems with your email account(s), please find more help here.

2 Verifying your contributions and finding out a Pledge ID

Now that you know the email addresses you used for contributing on Indiegogo, you can log-in to Indiegogo with them, one by one, and see all your contributions in "My contributions".

1) Start by directing your browser to, and click "Log in":

2) Then enter the email addresses in to the top field, and enter your password in the field below:

If you don't know the password, please press "Forgot Password?".

3) Click on the your username in the top-right corner, and select "My contributions":

4) The following view lists all your contributions that were made with the email address you used just now to log in. Cross reference what you see here with what information you found from your emails:

5) While here, move your mouse cursor over the text "View Order Details", and mark down the "pledge ID" that is visible in the link (note: don't click!):

NOTE: Alternatively, you may also open the order details page and copy the number at the end of the link in the browser address bar. Either way, this will enable you to access the Pledge ID.

6) Repeat steps 1-5 with all your email addresses you used for the Jolla Tablet campaign, until you are sure of:

a) What everything you contributed towards
b) Have at least one Pledge ID written down on a piece of paper

NOTE: It is not necessary to repeat the steps if all your contributions are made with the same email address.


If you are having trouble with your contributions, please find more help here.

3 Setting up a PayPal account

All Jolla Tablet refunds will be done via PayPal, which means that to receive your refund you will need a PayPal account. If you already have a PayPal account and used it in our campaign, you can ignore this part of this article.

If you don't yet have a PayPal account, please create one:

1) Browse to, and click on the button "Sign Up".

NOTE: Depending on your browser, the button to sign-up might be different, and the views of the account set-up might differ from the screenshots below.

2) Indicate that you are setting up a "Personal account" (1):

Please note that you should indicate your region (2) on this page. This will help make the setting up process more personalized for your region.

3) Then, enter your active email address, and come up with a password:

Please note that the password must be minimum 8 characters long, and contain a number or other special character (e.g. #!?"=<>^*).

You have to enter the password two times in the fields below the email address.

NOTE: The email address you enter here will become the email address you need to provide to us for receiving the refund.

4) You must then enter your address details:

You must agree to PayPal's User Agreement and Privacy Policy to continue.

Please note that these details do not have to reflect the street address you provided when participating in our campaign. Enter your most up-to-date details here.

5) Next, you will be asked to enter your credit card details:

6) Your account is then all set-up!

If you are having troubles with your PayPal accounts, see the FAQ below for more help.


Q: My email address changed/was closed down and I can no longer access that account. What should I do?

A: If you have already written to Jolla Service & Support about it, everything is OK and we've taken note of the change. When asked about this in the refund process, please provide us your new email address.

If you haven't informed us of the email change then please write to Jolla Service & Support, and explain the situation. We will need your old email as well as your current email address to help you out. Please note that in this situation you are unable to follow the instructions in chapters 1 and 2 of this article.

Q: I'm certain that I contributed towards "perk X" and now I can't find the confirmation for the perk anywhere! What should I do?

A: Please check your bank/PayPal account for a record of the transaction towards this missing perk.

If you Do find a transaction that doesn't match the confirmations in your emails, please write us a message and we'll investigate in to the matter.

If you Don't find such a transaction, then unfortunately the contribution failed for whatever reason and so you won't be refunded for it either.

Q: The PayPal account that I used for the Tablet campaign is no longer active or valid. What should I do?

A: You should use the same PayPal account that you used to place your contribution, for purposes of receiving your refund. If you are no longer able to use this account, please contact PayPal for reactivating your account.

Q: Why are you using PayPal for the refunds? Couldn't you have used another service instead?

A: Jolla considered different approaches for this refunding effort. We have thousands of refunds to process so we hope you understand that we simply cannot handle each case individually.

We realize that this isn't the ideal solution for everyone, and when taking into account all our contributors and the very limited resources at our disposal, PayPal has proven to be the most collaborative and flexible solution.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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