Troubleshooting a non-functioning Bluetooth connection

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This article is to help you make a Bluetooth connection work between a Bluetooth device and your Sailfish phone.


The instructions below reference a car kit (audio instruments of a car with a Bluetooth interface), but you can use the same steps with any Bluetooth device.

  1. Remove the pairing from your car kit.
  2. Remove any trace of the pairing from your Sailfish phone.
  3. Turn Bluetooth OFF on the phone. Next, turn it back ON.
  4. Re-pair your devices. First, start the pairing from the car kit (*).
  5. Should this not work, please repeat steps 1&2 and then initiate the pairing from the Sailfish phone.

(*) If you want to connect to a device without any user interface (e.g. a headset) then start from the phone.

We recommend to always accept the dialogues on both devices regarding the pairing and allow the devices to connect automatically.

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