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In this article you will learn about the use of gestures to access different views of Sailfish OS. The focus will be on explaining the configurations you can do to change these views and how they are accessed.

A good starting point for all readers for the basics is the User Guide provided with your Jolla device:

Jolla Tablet User Guide

Jolla Phone User Guide



1 Gestures

2.1 Lock Screen
2.2 Home
2.3 Events view
2.4 Top menu
2.5 Application grid


1 Gestures

Sailfish is navigated with gestures. You use these gestures to reach different parts of Sailfish OS.

An important gesture is the edge swipe, which is a swipe of your finger that begins from the very edge of the screen, and is directed towards the middle of the screen.

You can edge swipe from all 4 directions.

A swipe is simply a movement you do within the screen's bounds:



You can access the different parts of Sailfish by using gestures. Below is an image showing the views' locations:

View A refers to the Top Menu, view B refers to the Home screen, view C to the App Launcher and view D to the Events view.

The below chapters will introduce you to these views and show you how to customize them to your liking.

2.1 Lock Screen

Probably the first screens you will encounter in Sailfish OS is the lock screen:

When the device screen is off, you can double tap to wake the screen. You see the time and date, and notifications on the left side of the screen.

This view can contain a pulley menu providing quick access to your favourite apps. Add your favourite apps to the Lock Screen in Settings > System > Lock Screen.


2.2 Home

Home screen can always be reached by placing your finger on the right edge of the screen and swiping towards the middle. Home shows all your currently running apps. Each open application is represented by an application cover:

Sailfish applications’ covers may have some Cover actions on them. Tap the icon on the application cover to perform it:

Above we're updating the Email application by using the app cover button.


When inside a running application, you can slide your finger towards the middle without releasing it to peek to Home. You slide your finger back to move back into the application.

Arranging open apps

It is also possible to arrange the order of open apps:


2.3 Events view

Events is a view you can access by swiping your finger from left-to-right in Home. It is the home of all notifications and other items you’ve selected to be shown there:

If you would like to have this view always immediately available to you with an edge swipe, you can make this happen in Settings > System > Gestures.

To clear events long-press on a notification, and tap the X's t remove read notifications. You can also select "Clear notifications" from the pulley menu above.

2.4 Top menu

The Top menu can be reached by placing your finger at the top edge of the screen and pulling down. This is the fastest way to enable the “Silent” ambience and switch between your ambiences. Below are screen captures of the Top menu on Tablet (left) and phone (right):

Swipe up and down to scroll between the available ambiences.

If you would rather have the top-down edge swipe close applications, please make changes in Settings > System > Gestures.

To read more about modifying the sounds and the look & feel of Sailfish with ambiences, please see here.

2.5 Application grid

The app grid can always be reached by placing your finger to the bottom edge of the screen, and by pulling it up towards the middle of the screen.

Uninstalling applications

Long pressing on application icons will enable editing mode. You can uninstall applications by tapping on their X symbols.

Creating folders

When in editing mode, you can also drag icons on top of each other to create folders:

Tap on a folder to see it's contents:

You can also edit the name...

... and icon in this view:

Removing applications from the folder happens by long-pressing on the icon, and dragging it to the bottom of the view:


A folder can be removed by removing all applications from within it.


3 Further reading

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