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SailfishOS Update 16

The more complete release notes are in

Release ID: SailfishOS Björnträsket        

Release date:  2015-07-15 (first early access) 

Release date:  2015-08-31 (public release)


Note regarding this release:

In some cases (<1% so far in the early access group), it has taken about 1.5-2 hours where the upgrade was stuck at 95-99%.

If you experience this issue:

  • Allow phone to update for total of 2 hrs
  • If 2hrs doesn't complete the update:
    1) Switch your device off, or if impossible remove the battery. You will likely be in version but still have the update notification.
    2) Please see here on how to remove the notification.

Please see the complete notes about this on Together.

Should you experience any issues during the update, please send us a support request.

Early access to releases

Jolla provides now a means for users to "opt-in" to Early Releases.

Early Releases are the next intended public releases, but advanced users are given an option to try it out before the public.
Should you decide to take an Early Release, please read this support article first. It gives instructions for the case of upgrade failure.
This update had numerous Early Access releases:
  • (15.7.2015): Initial early access release
  • (27.7.2015): Fix an issue in package management middleware
  • (13.8.2015): Fix a reboot issue when using hotspot with GPS and an icon scaling issue for favourite settings
  • (27.8.2015): Fixes issues youtube video playback in native browser, adds a feature to enable persistent logging during the upgrade process and fixes MER #1208.
  • (31.8.2015): Roll-out to all users


Please ensure that you have some free disk space before attempting to upgrade your Jolla. Check that the upper figure in the circle (see the picture below) in menu page Settings > System > About product does not exceed 10 GB. If it does then delete some video clips, pictures or other data from Phone Memory.

If connected to the internet, your Jolla should receive an OS update notification shortly.

Please pay attention to the following advice:

  • If your device is running software version lower than and have WareHouse app installed (i.e you are using OpenRepos), disable all OpenRepos  repositories before attempting to upgrade your device
  • In all cases please uninstall the Open Repos app Phonehook before the OS update - it has been found out to contribute to OS update failures.
  • It is good the close all other apps before you start the update
  • Do not restart the device while the update is in progress
  • Keep the battery charger connected to the phone
  • The device screen may blank out during the update process, you may waken the display by a short press on the power key to monitor the progress.

For detailed instructions on updating software, visit our Help Center.

Once the device has rebooted after a successful upgrade, Android runtime starts to update it's environment. Allow a couple of minutes for it to finish its stuff before taking the phone into regular use. Using the phone during this period can appear sluggish.


What's new?

  • Accounts
    • CardDAV account setup: UI option to allow setting the addressbook path directly during account creation.

  • Android Support
    • Application specific settings for all installed Android apps (Settings > Apps)
      - Option
      to stop an app by force, clear the cache (temporary data) and to clear all app data
      - Option to let the background services of an Android app (e.g. WhatsApp) to start when turning the phone on enables receiving notifications for Android messaging apps even when the app is closed

    • Option to start and stop all Android Support easily (Settings > System > Android support)
    • Option to allow Android apps to use your contact information in the phone (Settings > System > Android support).
  • Email
    • Emails with calendar invitations are displayed with a calendar icon, and upon opening them, the calendar app will offer to import the events to user's calendar
  • Keyboard
    • Possibility to choose different keyboard layouts for Bluetooth keyboards if paired with one for different languages via Settings > System > Text input > Active layout.

      For more on this, please see our Keyboard article.

  • OS updates
    • Before downloading this update your device will first check the filesystem for problems and heal it if necessary. For this to succeed there has to be a fair amount of empty memory space, like mentioned in Prerequisites above.

  • Development
    • New gcc 4.8 based tool chain is used on SailfishOS platform from this release onwards, bringing C++11, among other things.

Highlights of improvements
These are the changes more or less visible for normal users. Please see for a more technical list of changes on package level.
  • Android
    • WLAN connection problems of Android apps fixed
  • Bluetooth
    • Robustness of Hands-Free Profile (HFP) improved
  • OS updates
    • Minimum of 50% charge level in the battery required or else the OS install will not be started - but we recommend always connecting the charger before taking an OS update!
    • Downloading an OS update in the background is possible now - you may continue to install or uninstall apps while the download is ongoing.
  • Security
    • CVE-2014-8737, CVE-2014-8504, CVE-2014-8503, CVE-2014-8502,CVE-2014-8501, CVE-2014-8485 , CVE-2014-8484, CVE-2009-0163, CVE-2015-3153,  CVE-2015-3143, CVE-2015-3148, CVE-2015-3145, CVE-2015-3144, CVE-2015-1572,  CVE-2015-0247,  CVE-2014-9447, CVE-2014-0172, CVE-2013-7423, CVE-2014-9402, CVE-2015-1472, CVE-2015-1473, CVE-2014-9496, CVE-2015-2806, CVE-2014-8116, CVE-2014-8117.
  • Touch screen
    • The reaction of the Touch screen to user gestures has been improved. SailfishOS apps respond to your taps and swipes promptly.
 In case of trouble
Should the OS update fail, please read this support article and follow the advice in it. For Early Access users there are also hints how to prepare for potential issues in advance.
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