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In this article you will learn about setting up the on-screen (virtual) keyboard as well as define the layout of a physical keyboard (e.g. Bluetooth keyboard or the TOHKBD), and learn a few tips and tricks related to typing.


1 Managing keyboard settings

2 Changing between keyboards when typing
2.1 Special characters and numbers & symbols
2.2 Setting cursor precisely

1 Managing keyboard settings

Go to Settings > System > Text input:


  • In this view you can define the Active keyboard language. Which ever language you have selected here will be the default keyboard language that pops up when you tap on a text field.

  • If you are using e.g. a Bluetooth keyboard, you can change the keyboard layout by tapping on Active layout:
  • Enabling Allow split keyboard in landscape orientation makes the horizontal keyboard appear divided into two parts, one for the left and the other for the right hand. The word suggestions appear in the middle. This is obviously for large screen devices like the Tablet to allow for faster typing.

  • By tapping on Keyboards, you can choose which keyboards you can switch between when entering text in Sailfish OS. All of these are presented in their native languages.

  • In this view you can also Clear learned words, which means erasing words that might've been saved into the suggestions-dictionary of SailfishOS.

2 Changing between keyboards when typing

When you have multiple keyboards selected (see above), changing between them is easy and fast.

  • Open for eg. Messages and start writing a new message.
  • Press and hold on the spacebar to reveal enabled keyboards.
  • Slide your finger on top the language keyboard you want, and release your finger.
  • Your keyboard and the suggestions are now changed to the selected language.

2.1 Special characters and numbers & symbols

  • When you have the keyboard visible, long press a letter to see special characters assigned to that letter.
  • Pressing "?123" will take you to the numbers & symbols view. Note that pressing "1/2" will take you to the second page of characters. Go back to letters by pressing "Abc".

2.2 Setting cursor precisely

The text font of SailfishOS is fairly small and the button of the keypad densely located. When there is the need to fix a typing mistake in the text, moving the cursor to the correct place can be aided in the following manner:

  • Tap on the text you have written. Put your finger tip to the same point again and swipe along the display, preferrably diagonally.
  • The text should now appear magnified
  • Slide your finger tip to move and set the cursor to the point you want.


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