How do I use the Clock application?

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The Clock application has the following features: Alarm clock, Timer and Stopwatch. (To adjust your Jolla's time settings, please go to Settings > System > Time and date)

Below is the main view of the Clock application. You can access the features from the top of the page.



Using the Alarm clock

To set an alarm, select "New alarm" from the pulley menu in the main view of the Clock application (see above).

This will bring you to a view where you can set the alarm:


Setting the time of an alarm: Use the disc to specify when the alarm should go off. The outer disc adjusts minutes, and on the inner disc you can adjust the hour. In the picture we've set the alarm to go off 7:30.

Alarm name: Specifying an alarm name will result in this text being displayed when the alarm goes off. Not making changes in this field means that the text "Alarm" will be displayed at time of alarm.

Repeat: You can set your alarms to automatically repeat on certain days. In the picture above we have set this alarm to occur Monday through Friday, but not on Saturday and Sunday.

You will then see your Alarms in the main view of the clock. Active alarms have the switch light on whereas the inactive alarms have the light turned off. The latter will start alerting according to their schedule only after you have turned them on again by tapping them.

You can Edit and Delete your alarms by tapping and holding on top of an alarm:



Using the Timer

You access the Timer from the main view of the clock, and you set it up the same way as you set up an alarm (see above).

Once you've set up a timer, you will see it as a circle in the Timer view of the Clock application:


Starting the Timer: Tap on the circle to start the Timer. You can exit the application or dim the screen of your device. When the Timer has run through, you will hear an alarm.

Modifying the Timer: To modify a Timer you've created, tap and hold the Timer, and select "Edit" from the drop-down menu:


This is also the method to Reset or Delete the timer.


Using the Stopwatch

The Stopwatch can be found on the Stopwatch menu in the main view of the Clock application.

Press the Start icon to start the Stopwatch:


Recording lap times: To record lap times press the "+" icon:


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