I'm having trouble modifying a contact!

Jolla -

If it seems like you can't make changes to a contact's information, it could be caused by Jolla replacing the changed or removed information from other contacts linked to that contact.

If you've faced similar issues like this, please try the following:

  1. Open the People -app
  2. Open the contact card in question from the list of people:


  3. Visit the pulley menu and select "Link":


In the next view you will see all contacts linked to the contact you are trying to modify:

You may see people incorrectly linked to this contact, or duplicates.

If you would try to change the details of this contact, e.g. remove the phone number, Jolla would retrieve the number back from a duplicate. For fixing this situation, please read on:

4. Tap on all the linked contacts you wish to remove from the details of this contact:


After the 5 second remorse timer the links between these contacts will be removed, but no contacts themselves will be removed.

After this operation you should be able to make changes to the contact.

Final notes

After performing the process above, you are likely to find extra instances of contacts in the People -app's name list:

Especially when trying to get rid of duplicates the view above is likely to occur.

Note: before deleting contacts, please tap on them and check that you aren't about to delete the contact you tried to clean up!

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