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Sailfish Weather is an application that you can download from the Jolla Store, after which you will be able to see it in the Events -view. (*) After this you can see the weather information for a location set by you with a quick glance at the Events screen.

By tapping the name of the location ("Tampere" below) you see a 5-day forecast.

(*) You see the suggestion to install Weather in Events when you open Events for the first time. You can choose not to have Weather in your Events in Settings > System > Events.


Weather application

You can launch the Weather app from the application grid. In the main view of the application you can update the weather information and add a new location:

Once you've added multiple favourite locations, you can press-and-hold on them to bring up a menu:

Remove: removes the location from favourites

Set as current location: will make this location show up in Events

Move to top: moves the selected location to the top of this list


Detailed weather forecast

If you tap on one of your favourites, you can see more detailed information on the weather forecast:

You see a 5-day weather forecast at the bottom of the view. Touching one of them will reveal more information. To exit this view, swipe right.

This view also contains a pulley menu:

More information: this opens the Browser and takes you to Foreca's website, where you will have more information and functions

Update: checks the weather information for updates

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