How to use the SailfishOS internet browser?

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Sailfish Browser is based on the well-known Gecko engine from Mozilla. For Sailfish release 4.0.1, Sailfish Browser was upgraded to support Gecko ESR 60. This work continues.

Also, the user interface of the Browser has been improved in the recent Sailfish 3 and Sailfish 4 releases, bringing all the typical functions of mobile phone browsers to Sailfish.




How to open web pages

Tap the Browser launcher icon on the application grid: .


The browser will launch and display the web site visited the previous time, or if the lack of any, it will show your home page (see chapter "Web browser settings" later in this article).

At this point, there is the lower row of the toolbar visible on the display (see chapter "Toolbar" later in this article).


A) To open a new web page touch the web address in the middle of the toolbar (in the picture above ""), type in the web address you want and tap the "Enter" key (bottom right corner). Note that the Tab Number icon (bottom left corner) has "nr 1" to indicate tab number 1. A new web address opens up to the current tab. The new tabs you open will get identification numbers of their own.

02_bookmarks.png  03_enter_address.png  04_visit_helsinki.png

B) Instead of writing the exact address of a web page one can also write some free keywords and let the search engine (see chapter "Web browser settings" later in this article) find and present some matching web pages for you. While writing, the browser shows potential matching results from your previous searches.

Once the search engine has presented the results, tap the one you want to open.

05_search_suggestion.png  06_tap_to_search.png  07_european_union_search.png

C) The third option for opening a new web page is to use the bookmark pages. Your bookmarks appear as thumbnails under the row for writing the web address. Simply tap a favourite to open the related web page.


You can make a web page a bookmark by tapping the star icon, after which it appears in the grid of bookmarks:

The bookmarks have a context menu (tap-and-hold one of them) which helps you in managing your bookmarks. Check the options in the picture below right. In particular, note the option "Add to app grid" which allows you to make some of your most-used web pages appear as icons in the app grid view - only one tap is required to browse to those pages!

08_favourites.png  09_favourited.png  10_favourite_context_menu.png


Using tabs

Sailfish Browser allows multiple tabs. The number of the currently visible tab appears in the tab icon
(a small square at the left end of the toolbar). You can see all of your tabs by touching this icon (the number in it depends on the number of your tabs):

In the tab view (see the picture below left) the name of the current tab is shown in your ambience colour to distinguish it from the rest. Switching tabs goes easily by tapping them. To close a tab touch the "X" icon on it. Use the pull-down menu to close all tabs in one go or to open a new tab. One more option for opening a new tab is the "New tab" icon on the upper toolbar row:


11_open_tabs.png  12_close_all_tabs.png

There is the option for private browsing in the pull-down menu of the tab view.



At some point, while you are browsing, the toolbar at the bottom will vanish. This happens when you swipe upwards with your fingertip while viewing a web page. The purpose of this is to use the whole display for showing the page content.

You can recall the toolbar by swiping downwards.

The toolbar has two rows. Tap tools.png at the right end of the bar to toggle between one and two rows.

13_tools.png  14_tools_2.png

The bottom row has the following buttons (from left to right):

  1. Tab icon: tab number and access to the tabs view
  2. Back arrow (shown when needed): return to previous page
  3. Address of the web page open on the display
  4. Refresh page content (while refreshing, replaced by 'X' for stopping the refresh)
  5. Toolbar toggle.

The upper row has the following buttons (from left to right):

  1. Add a new tab
  2. Forward arrow: move to the next page (previously visited)
  3. Search for a keyword in the current tab
  4. Make this web page your favourite (appears all white when already a favourite)
  5. Share the address of this web page
  6. View downloaded files (the same view as in Settings > Transfers; actual place of storage in folder Downloads)

NOTE: when the upper row is visible, the tab number (at bottom left corner) is replaced with a button to close the current tab:


Searching in a web page

It is now possible to search for words in the web page (tab) currently on the display. Use the "Search" icon on the upper toolbar row:

Type in your keyword and tap "Enter".

15_search_sunday.png  16_search_results.png



Sharing a web page

It is possible to share the address of a web page with somebody as an email message or by using your accounts of social media. Tap the Share icon at the upper toolbar row:



The active cover of the browser

The browser has an application cover (minimized view of an app at Home Screen) with a button - you can see the button in the blue rectangle in the image below.

  • Tap active_cover_button.png to open a new tab



Web browser settings, privacy and browsing history

The settings of the Sailfish web browser are in located in menu Settings > Apps > Browser. It is also possible to delete the data collected by the browser in the same menu. Read more here.

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