Troubleshooting issues with General email (IMAP & POP)

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If you ever have issues with General Mail (IMAP & POP), you usually have to modify the server settings of the account.

To modify/repair the server settings of a General email account, do the following:
1. Open Settings > Accounts
2. Select your General email account
3. Pull the view down until you see the Pulley menu appear from above
4. Select "Server settings"
5. Make the changes and swipe right to save settings and to leave the settings view.


If you have received the settings from your email service provider, but you can't get your email to work, read below:

Q: I can't seem to install my account, I just see a "Synchronization error"

A: Try going into your email account settings through Settings > Accounts > and select your General Email account. Change the setting at the very bottom, that deals with accepting SSL certificates. Try disabling it if active, or enabling if deactive.

Q: I can only send email, but not receive any!

A: If you can't receive any email, your incoming mail server settings need to be adjusted. Double check them and make changes, and try again.

Q: I can only receive mail, but can't send!

A: If you can't send email, but you can receive email, your outgoing mail server settings need to be adjusted. Double check them, make changes, and try again.

Please note, that not all email service providers provide settings for sending mail on a mobile device. This is why you might have to consult your mobile service operator with what to put as the outgoing mail server settings.

In short:
1. First double check, that you didn't mistype anything in the outgoing mail server settings.
2. Then, if this doesn't solve the problem, contact your operator (who's SIM-card is in your device) for information on the outgoing server they recommend you use.

Q: I can only send email when connected to a WLAN network, but not when connected to mobile data (or vice versa)!

A: If you have matched your outgoing server settings with your mobile data service provider's settings, then sending email in a WLAN network will probably become impossible. To send mail you should configure the outgoing mail server settings again to match those of the WLAN. Finding out the server settings for a public WLAN is almost always impossible.

Double-check your settings and see if you could use your email service provider's settings for both incoming and outcoming server settings.

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