How to recover from the issue with alphanumeric security code (Vaarainjärvi

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Due to a defect in the code, the use of the alphanumeric security code may lock the phone up. The phone turns on but does not proceed further than to the unlock dialog.


Accessing the phone

1) Access your phone

a) Use SSH over WLAN
b) Use Recovery Mode and option #4 "Shell" there.


How to fix

a) SSH

Making an SSH connection over WLAN from a PC to the phone requires:

  • Your phone is in developer mode and remote connections are enabled
  • You remember the WLAN address of the phone
    (if not, you might be able to get it from your WLAN router)

Use Putty on Windows or Terminal on Linux to make an SSH connection to the WLAN address of the phone.

  • Type the command

    /usr/lib/qt5/plugins/devicelock/encpartition --clear-code YOUR_CODE

  • Close SSH
  • Restart your phone.
  • Visit Settings > System > Device lock and create a numeric security code now.

 We hope it works now.


b) Recovery mode

Instructions for Recovery Mode are here:

Read and do as instructed in chapters 1 and 2.

  • Then take option #4 "Shell". Confirm the disclaimer with 'Y'.
  • Enter your alphanumeric security code
  • Type the commands

    mount /dev/mmcblk0p28 /mnt/
    chroot /mnt

    sed -i 's/keyboard=0/keyboard=1/' /usr/share/lipstick/devicelock/devicelock_settings.conf

    umount /mnt/
  • Type exit to leave Shell
  • Take Exit in  Recovery Mode menu

  • Detach USB cable and the battery from your phone
  • Restart your phone.
  • Enter your alphanumeric security code
  • Visit Settings > System > Device lock and change your code to a numeric one for now.

We hope it works now.

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