How to keep your Sailfish device in good shape

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Sailfish OS devices just like any other electrical devices require maintenance to keep them in shape. We have written some guidelines for this.

  1. Update the SailfishOS operating system to its latest version. New versions bring new features to your Sailfish device and fix problems observed on earlier versions. The latest available version is the best. This article tells how to update the OS. The device attempts to optimize the storage space before downloading an update; however, this may not work if there is no more any space left for the optimization! Please follow the guidelines in step 5 below.

  2. Update the applications you have installed. Jolla Store will send reminders to your device - they appear in the Events Screen. Update your other Android apps in the respective application stores (e.g. Aptoide).

  3. Restart the device every now and then (once a week). Some unnecessary data may pile up to the main memory (RAM) over time. A reboot removes it.

  4. Install Sailfish Utilities toolbox (read this article). The tools of it help in, e.g., maintaining the device's memory and refreshing the Android support.

  5. Check the status of the non-volatile storage (disk space)
    • Open page Settings > Storage. By touching the graphical diagrams, you will get a view of the status of the storage space in your device.
    • You will get even more information on space distribution by installing app Space Inspector from Jolla Store.
    • Move your valuable files (pictures, videos, documents, music) to your computer (see instructions) or to your SD card (generic instructions on using SD cards); then delete those files from the device (Phone Memory).
    • Set Sailfish Camera to save the new pictures and videos directly to the SD card at Settings > Apps > Camera.
    • Use Clear backup storage in Utilities to remove the data generated in the backup process.
    • Pay attention to the amount of data collected by your Android apps in the folder $HOME/android_storage/ in the Device Memory. Especially various map apps, games and apps like Spotify and Whatsapp may collect a lot of data in the long run.
    • Uninstall apps that you do not really use.
    • Delete your downloaded email attachments kept in $HOME/Downloads/mail_attachments/. This is easiest to do with File Browser application.
    • Jolla Phone: The total memory space (Phone Memory) of the device is 13.7 gigabytes. If the memory space in use exceeds 10 GB then it is the time to clean up and make space.

    Please find more complete instructions in the article "Freeing up storage space on your device".

  6. Close the apps you do not need continuously. Although SailfishOS is a multitasking operating system it may not always be possible to handle a large number of apps (depending on the apps) at the same time in the available 1 GB of main memory (RAM).

  7. Remember to make a backup of your data on a regular basis either to the SD card or to a cloud service. Should your device malfunction badly it may need to be reset to the factory settings in which case all data in the device memory would be lost. The backup will remain intact in the memory card and in the cloud service. Please read this.

  8. Should the charge level of the battery go down faster than expected then read this article and consider the proposed different ways of saving energy.

  9. Never detach the battery before the device is completely turned off. Disconnect the charger from the device, apply the Power key to turn the device off and then wait until the red light turns off (at the lower end of the phone). Only now it is safe to detach the battery.

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