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1. Description

Utilities is a collection of tools for healing a Jolla device which does not perform well. The tools are designed to help if your device feels sluggish, it's running out of disk space or you're experiencing problems with connectivity.

Utilities was introduced in SailfishOS release Uitukka You can install Utilities from Jolla Store like any other app. Search for Sailfish Utilities in the Store. After having been installed it appears near the end of page "Settings > System" by the name Utilities.

Utilities has the following tools currently - the purpose of them is described in the app itself, too.

2. Restart keyboard

This tool allows you to restart the virtual keyboard, should it get stuck or if the clipboard (copy/paste) stops working. It is available from SailfishOS release 1.1.4.xx Äijänpäivänjärvi onwards. Check "My apps" in Jolla Store, and update Sailfish Utilities.

Example issues you may solve by running this utility:

  • You cannot make the virtual keyboard appear to write something
  • The copy/paste buffer contains some old data and does not let you copy new data to it.

3. Restart network connections

This tool initializes the WLAN and mobile data networks. You need not restart the device, so do not tap on Restart now button but at the lower (empty) part of the display.

Example issues you may solve by running this utility:

  • If you get constant notifications of connecting to either Mobile Data or WLAN, even you are already connected to a network
  • You've noticed a exclamation mark ("!") on your Mobile Data and/or WLAN connection indicator in the Lock Screen
  • Apps report you being offline even though you are connected to the Internet.

NOTE: Jolla Tablet does not have Mobile Data.

4. Restart home screen

This useful tool can be used if an application gets stuck or it can't be launched.

5. Restart device

This tool can be used to completely restart the device.

6. Clear backup storage

This tool removes all backup data from the device memory. Before running this utility we recommend you make a new backup and copy it to the SD card to keep it safe.

Example issues you may solve by running this utility:

  • If you get notifications of low memory on your device
  • If you've noticed to be running low on on-device memory, but haven't transferred large media files to your device.
  • If you have a long collection of earlier backups piling up at Settings > System > Backup.

7. Rebuild app registry

Should you have problems with installing and managing apps from the Jolla Store then this tool is likely to help. It removes the potential collection of unnecessary code packages piled up in the device.

Example issues running this utility will solve:

  • If you can't install apps from the Jolla Store and might receive a "Problem with Store - Critical problem with the app registry" message
  • If your "My Apps" section in Jolla Store is empty
  • You can't uninstall applications using the Jolla Store.

8. Refresh media database

This tool is to clear the media file index. Use it if not all of your music or pictures appear in the relevant apps.

Example issues running this utility will solve:

  • If you can't see all of your music files in the Media application
  • If some details are missing from your music files (album name, artist).
  • If you can't see all your images and photos in the Gallery application
  • If you can't see all of your images in Android applications.


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