Packing instruction for sending in or returning Jolla Phone

Tuomo Salmelainen -

What is needed for packing:

  • The original sales box
  • Protective material e.g. bubble wrap
  • Delivery box
  • Tape


Please note: if you don't have the original sales box, please see instructions in here.



1. Take the original sales box with the inner part and pack your phone face down.




2: Wrap the sales box with protective material e.g. bubble wrap so that the sales box would not shift during transport in the delivery box. 



3. The carefully wrapped sales box should be inserted to a delivery box.
If you no longer have the original delivery box, kindly use a box with similar dimensions of 20 x 13 x 9 cm.

Place more filling material inside the delivery box if needed so that the sales box would not shift during transport.
3: Make sure that the package is closed properly by taping it.
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