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Sometimes a Jolla Support agent may ask you to send a screencasting video to help them solve your case. You don't need to download any additional software (except for a Java plug-in) and register an account for Zendesk.

Below is a step-by-step for recording a screencast and sending it to Jolla:


1. In Zendesk you have a "Record screencast" link below your reply box. Click it:

2. After clicking the link, your browser is likely to try to stop using the Java extension this tool requires. Allow the extension by clicking on the warning icon.

On Firefox the icon is likely at the opposite end of the URL-bar:


3. You will notice a grid appear soon thereafter (please give this time to load):


4. Notice that you can jump out of your browser to record whatever is on your screen. Below we've centered the frame around the window in which we're running Recovery Mode:

  1. This is the record button. Press it when ready to record.
  2. You can disable your own microphone by pressing this icon. Usually audio is not required, although it might be helpful if you explain the issue you are experiencing.
  3. You can freely adjust the recording area, but there are a few templates to choose from too.


5. Once you press record, you will have a 3-second countdown before recording begins:


6. Record the video. You have a two-minute time restriction, but if necessary please record multiple videos.

7. Once recording is done, you will see a preview window where you can watch the recorded video.

8. One you've hit "Upload", you will see the recorded video as an attachment in your reply to us:



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