How to collect SMS logs?

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Enable the Developer Mode and launch Terminal app, or rather use a PC and SSH connection.

1) Edit journald.conf to make it collect more data than in normal conditions

devel-su      ## SSH password needed here
cd /etc/systemd/
cp journald.conf original-journald.conf ## save the current status
vi /etc/systemd/journald.conf

Uncomment & edit Rate* values to 0.

- Type i for insert mode
- Use arrow keys to move to the end of the lines having Rate* values
- Replace both Rate* values with (i.e. zero)
- Tap 'Escape' to get back to command mode
- Type :wq to save and exit; tap 'Enter'

To verify the change do:

cat /etc/systemd/journald.conf

2) Reboot phone to put the changes into effect.

3) Enable oFono logging

Install the handy oFono Logger app from Jolla Store.



4) Read this article to learn how to collect oFono logs.

Enable all options. oFono Logger starts collecting data. Leave the app open. You can visit other apps in the meanwhile.

5) Start live writing a radio log to a file:

cd $HOME
devel-su # SSH password needed
/system/bin/logcat -b radio -v time |tee logcat.txt

- Reproduce your problem scenario.  Please make note on the date & time when the issue occurs. This will help when investigating the log files.

6) Stop logging.

- Use ctrl-C at the terminal to stop collecting the radio log and to close file logcat.txt.
- Visit oFono Logger app again and save the log as instructed in this article .

7) Export journal output into a file:

devel-su      ### not needed if root rights are still valid from step 5
journalctl -b -a --no-tail --no-pager > journal.txt

8) Please send the log files logcat.txt, journal.txt and ofono_*.tar.gz  from $HOME/Documents to Jolla for analysis. Mention the time of device when the problem happened. Thanks.



Revert the changes made to the journal utility:

devel-su                    ## SSH password needed here
cd /etc/systemd/
cp original-journald.conf journald.conf  ##  restore the original journal settings.

Restart the phone.


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