How Do I Add My Voicemail Number?

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The keypad of Phone application has a shortcut to the voicemail service at #1 key. If you tap and hold this key, your Jolla will place a call to your voicemail service without any additional actions, in condition that you have saved your voicemail number in Settings > Apps > Phone.

You can set the voicemail number in the following ways:

Enter by typing

1. Visit menu Settings > Apps > Phone
2. Find item "Voicemail number". Tap it.
3. Type your voicemail number
4. Add your voicemail passcode to the end of the number (if you have the code in use) in this way:


where xxxxxxxxxx is the actual phone number to call, p stands for pause, and dddd is your passcode which will be sent as DTMF tones to the voicemail service. Type the p character by tapping twice the *p button on the right of the keypad.

5. Swipe the display to the right to save the number.

Copy/paste the number from your phonebook

To avoid typing, copy/paste the voicemail number from People app if saved in there:

1. Launch People app
2. Find the contact item that has the voicemail number
3. Open the contact editor (in pull down menu)
4. Tap 'Phone' to see the phone number
5. Tap phone number shortly so that the colour of the number turns to your ambience colour
6. Tap-and-hold the number to copy it to the buffer - two movable white bubbles appear indicating the begin and end points of the string to be copied. Move them if necessary. The string between the bubbles is in the copy/paste buffer now.
7. Close People app
8. Visit menu Settings > Apps > Phone
9. Find item "Voicemail number". Tap it.
10. Tap the paste icon (resembles a text page) at top right corner of the keypad. The pasted number appears now in the row of "Voicemail number"
11. If you want to add the passcode do as instructed at step 4 of chapter Enter by typing above.
12. Swipe the display to the right to save the number.

Your voicemail number is ready for use. If you now tap and hold the #1 key in the phone number keypad, it will make a call to your voicemail.

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