How to export SMS and MMS messages from Sailfish OS to PC/Excel

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This article explains how to copy the text and multimedia messages from the SQLite database in Sailfish OS to CSV files. Note: the attachments of MMS messages must be handled separately - they will not be included in CSV.

  • Enable Developer Mode
  • Open Terminal app on your computer and create an SSH connection to your Sailfish device
    • SSH over USB from Windows to Sailfish: read this
    • SSH over USB from Ubuntu to Sailfish: read this
  • Give the following commands to access the SQL database:
cd $HOME/.local/share/commhistory
pkcon refresh
pkcon install sqlite sqlite3 commhistory.db sqlite> .headers on sqlite> .mode csv sqlite> .output SMS.csv sqlite> select * from events where type = 2; sqlite> .output MMS.csv sqlite> select * from events where type = 6; sqlite> .quit
exit mv *.csv $HOME
  • Exit SSH and disconnect USB
  • Connect your device to PC again, now using the MTP mode
  • Move files SMS.csv and MMS.csv from your device to PC
  • Open CSV files with Excel or Libre Office. Do "Text to Columns" operation for column A using comma as the delimiter.

Column A contains now the message contents sent by you and column P has the contents received by you.

It is not handy to read the messages in Excel. It is better to copy/paste them to Word, for instance.


NOTE:  the date and time of the messages are given in the Unix timestamp ("Epoch format") as "seconds from 1970-01-01". They can be converted to a human-readable date/time format at

Example:  the value 1593074952 means 2020-06-25T08:49:12+00:00 (in ISO 8601).

It is possible to create a formula to LibreOffice (or the like) to do the conversion automatically. See the instructions at 

In deviation to that, Sailfish OS has those time values in seconds (not milliseconds). Hence the conversion formula is:

H3 = H2/(60*60*24)+25569, where cell H2 holds the value from Sailfish and H3 the wanted result.
Show H3 on LibreOffice using the data and time format of your liking.








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