How to export SMS and MMS messages from Jolla to PC/Excel

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This article explains how to copy the text and multimedia messages from the SQLite database in Sailfish OS to CSV files. Note: the attachments of MMS messages must be handled separately - they will not be included in CSV.

  • Enable Developer Mode
  • Open Terminal app or create an SSH connection from PC to your Sailfish device
  • Give the following commands to access the SQL database:
cd /home/nemo/.local/share/commhistory
sqlite3 commhistory.db

sqlite> .headers on
sqlite> .mode csv
sqlite> .output SMS.csv
sqlite> select * from events where type = 2;
sqlite> .output MMS.csv
sqlite> select * from events where type = 6;
sqlite> .quit

mv *.csv /home/nemo
  • Exit SSH and disconnect USB
  • Connect your device to PC again, now using the MTP mode
  • Move files SMS.csv and MMS.csv from your device to PC
  • Open CSV files with Excel or Libre Office. Do "Text to Columns" operation for column A using comma as the delimiter.

Column A contains now the message contents sent by you and column P has the contents received by you.

It is not handy to read the messages in Excel. It is better to copy/paste them to Word, for instance.


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