What is Internet sharing (USB tethering, WLAN hotspot)?

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 Internet sharing allows you to connect your computer to the Internet using the cellular data connection (a.k.a. mobile data) of your Sailfish device.  There must be this mobile data connection from your Sailfish device first. Then you can share this connection as a WLAN connection for other devices to use.


Connect your computer to your Sailfish device with a USB cable (USB tethering) or over the WLAN network ("WLAN hotspot") provided by your device.

Internet sharing over WLAN is well supported by Sailfish OS version 2.2.0 and later. One can control it in menu Settings > Internet sharing.

The current implementation of USB tethering (September 2018, OS version 2.2.1) is still experimental. There is no complete UI and the service must be installed (and removed) at the command line.

Please note that Internet sharing is bound to use a lot of data, and that the data is transferred over a mobile data connection.  This may incur costs on you, depending on your contract with your cellular operator. Also check with your operator that you have enough quota for Internet sharing.


1. Internet sharing over WLAN

Go to Settings > Internet sharing

  1. Give your WLAN network (hotspot) a meaningful name (SSID) - "XperiaX-network" as for example in the picture below
  2. Set a strong password (check the spelling with the "abc" key)
  3. Turn the hotspot on.
  4. Search for your WLAN network at the network settings of your computer. Connect to this network.
  5. Your computer has now an Internet connection through your Sailfish device. The connection is based on mobile data.



2. Internet sharing over USB


Installing USB tethering

NOTE:  from OS release 3.1.0 onwards the instructions below are not enough. Please follow this TJC advice, as well.  (this may change in the subsequent OS releases, again)


You will need the Developer mode for this.

pkcon refresh
pkcon install usb-moded-connection-sharing-android-connman-config
systemctl restart usb-moded


Using USB tethering

  1. Connect USB cable between your Sailfish device and your computer.
  2. The dialog of the picture below will appear. Select “Internet sharing”.
  3. Your computer has now an Internet connection through your Sailfish device. The connection is based on mobile data.


If you didn’t see step 2, please remove the cable from your device and go to Settings > USB. Change the “Default USB mode” to “Always ask”. Now, follow the instructions above again.



Uninstalling USB tethering

pkcon remove usb-moded-connection-sharing-android-connman-config
systemctl restart usb-moded



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