What is the The Other Half Stella?

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1 What is The Other Half Stella?

With The Other Half Angry Birds Stella you can show that you’re a true fan of both Stella and Jolla. Stella branded The Other Half changes the Jolla smartphone experience with special Angry Birds Stella ambience and unique themed ringtones.

When The Other Half is attached to your phone, the appearance and sounds of your device will always match those from the world of Angry Birds Stella. You will also gain access to ToonsTV, the home of all your favorite Angry Birds ToonsTV series.

To read more about using your Jolla device, please see the User guide and our Help Center.

2 Where can I get The Other Half Stella?

The Other Half Angry Birds Stella will be available exclusively in the Jolla Webshop!

Q: Will The Other Half Angry Birds Stella be available also elsewhere?
A: Currently Jolla’s Stella offering is limited to the Jolla Webshop.

3 Taking The Other Half Stella into use

1. When you first start up your device, you will be taken through the Startup Wizard.

2. Follow the Startup Wizard to set up your device.

3. A Jolla Account is required to enable The Other Half Angry Birds Stella content.

You can create a new Jolla Account or sign-in with an existing one during the Wizard:

4. Once you complete the Startup Wizard and Tutorial, you will be taken to the Home Screen. Just wait a moment until you see this:

Press the (+) –icon to download and enable The Other Half Angry Birds Stella content.

That's it!


4 Tell me more about The Other Half Angry Birds Stella content!

The Ambience

The Other Half Angry Birds Stella ambience consists of four views:

1. Lock screen:

2. Home Screen:

3. Launcher Screen:

4. ToonsTV:



The Other Half Angry Birds Stella offers you instant access to ToonsTV, the home of all your favorite Angry Birds Toons. ToonsTV is integrated seamlessly to Jolla offering you smooth viewing experience. All this great content is a single swipe away.

Swipe left-to-right from outside the screen:

As you swipe across the screen, you will "drag" ToonsTV onto your screen:




 It's as easy as 1-2-3!

ToonsTV contains the following views:

  • Featured: here you see all the featured cartoons and clips on ToonsTV.
  • Channels list: find all the channels of ToonsTV here.
  • Channel: for e.g. the Stella channel, where you can see all the Stella cartoons and clips.

You can use pulley menus to navigate from the Featured view to Channels:

This will bring you to the Channels view. Here you can choose a channel, or move back to the Featured view from the Pulley menu:


Below we've selected the Stella channel. Here you can choose a clip to watch, or use the pulley menu to move back to the Featured or Channels list views:

Select the clip you want to watch by tapping on its cover picture:

TIP: tilt your phone to see the video play full screen, tilt your device back to return to the previous screen!

To see the video controls, tap on the video while the video is playing:


5. How do I disable and uninstall the Other Half Stella Ambience?

Changing your Ambience

If you simply want to change from the Stella ambience to another ambience on your Jolla, please do the following:

  1. Swipe from right-to-left on your Home screen to make your favorite Ambiences appear
  2. Tap on one to activate it:

Another way to do this would be to do it in the Gallery:

  1. Open Gallery > Ambiences
  2. Select the Ambience you would like to switch to
  3. Pull the view down, until you can select “Set ambience” from the Pulley menu above:

All done!

Removing the ambience:

  1. Open Gallery
  2. Tap on "Ambience"
  3. Tap on the ambience you want to remove
  4. To delete an ambience from the set of your ambiences, pull down and select "Remove ambience" in the pulley menu.
  5. Your ambience will be deleted after the 5-second remorse timer has elapsed.

    If you would like to re-install the Stella Ambience you have to de-attach The Other Half, and re-attach it. Wait a moment, and a dialogue pops up letting you install the Ambience again.


6. Troubleshooting issues with The Other Half Stella

Q1: Oops, I didn’t create a Jolla Account during first startup, what can I do now?

A: If you didn’t create a Jolla Account during first startup, or ran into any trouble on the first time around, you can always install The Other Half Angry Birds Stella content afterwards. Here’s how:

  1. Make sure you have a Jolla Account in Settings > Accounts. If you don’t see one configured with your device, pull the view down, and select “Add account” from the pulley menu.
  2. Select Jolla Account. You will then be asked to create one or sign-in to an existing one.
  3. Once your Jolla Account is configured, remove The Other Half Angry Birds Stella from your device, and shortly re-attach it again.
  4. Installation will shortly begin.

    If there are any problems with this, please check that you have a good Internet connection!

Q2: I attach the cover, but nothing seems to happen. I can’t install the Stella Ambience!

A: Please read this troubleshooting article carefully for help.

Q3: My phone doesn’t ring with the Stella ringtone, or the ringtone is really quiet even if I adjust it!

A: Please read this support article to double-check your settings.

Q4: I tried to change my ringtone and notification sounds, but changing the settings doesn’t seem to have an effect!

A: Please change these settings in Gallery > Ambience > Stella:


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