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This article is meant for customers using the Angry Birds Stella Launcher on their Android™ device.

What is the Angry Birds Stella Launcher by Jolla?

Angry Birds Stella Launcher by Jolla is designed to give Android™ device owners the possibility to try out the smooth Jolla / Sailfish OS gesture-based user interface, and at the same time get a rich Angry Birds Stella experience on their Android™ smart phone (all your native Android™ applications work normally).

Angry Birds Stella Launcher transforms your Android™ device into a Stella experience, including everything from exclusive wallpaper, unique themed ring tones, the Stella game download icon, plus unlimited access to ToonsTV.

Recommended system requirements

Angry Birds Stella Launcher runs best on devices that support Android™ version 4.3 and 4.4. Please note that Angry Birds Stella Launcher is optimized for devices with 4" to 5.5" screens and the recommended memory requirement is 2GB of RAM. Examples of compatible devices include eg. the Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S5, Nexus 4, or Nexus 5. The Launcher is currently not available for tablets.

Where can I get the Angry Birds Stella Launcher by Jolla?

The Angry Birds Stella Launcher is available from the Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore for Android application stores. To read more about the launcher, please see

Additionally, the Stella Launcher is also available in the 25pp app store and Taobao appstore.


In this document you will learn about:


1 Installing the Angry Birds Stella Launcher

1. Open either the Google Play Store or the Amazon Appstore application on your phone.

2. Search for "Angry Birds Stella Launcher" in your selected app store.

You'll recognize it from the application icon above.

2. After finding it, download and install the launcher.

3. Once installation is finished, press the "Home" button on your device.

4. A dialogue pops up asking how you want to complete the action. Select "Stella Launcher", and then select "Always" from the bottom two buttons:

If you can't get the screen above to appear, please read on.

Installation instructions for Samsung, Huawei and HTC devices

If you have a device specific launcher in use on your device (this is common for Samsung, Huawei and HTC devices), you need to clear the defaults/stop this launcher first from the Application Manager.

With these devices you may experience the following:

  • You downloaded the Stella Launcher, but you can't activate it or start using it
  • You can't see the Stella Launcher anywhere on your device after installing it

In this example we will show how to take the Stella Launcher into use with a Samsung Galaxy S4 device.

1. Go to Settings, select More, select Application manager and select TouchWiz Home from the ALL list:

2. After opening TouchWiz Home, press Clear defaults in the "Launch by default section:

3. Scroll back to the top of the screen and press the Force stop button if it remains active/gray, and press OK:

4. Now when you press the Home button, a dialogue pops up asking how you want to complete the action. Select "Stella Launcher" and then select "Always" from the bottom two buttons:

After completing these steps, the Stella Launcher loads for a moment, and then you will be taken to the Tutorial:

After completing the tutorial you will need to configure your Android™ settings to allow full functionality:

Pressing "Open Android settings" you may have to enable the Stella Launcher in "Accessibility" settings:

Tick the box and respond "OK" to any pop-ups that might appear.

After completing these steps, every time you press your Home key, you will be taken back to the Stella Launcher Home screen.

2 Using the Angry Birds Stella Launcher


With the Angry Birds Stella Launcher, you will get to experience the wonderful User Interface Sailfish OS.

The experience of the Stella Launcher is very close to that of Sailfish OS, but the full Sailfish OS experience can only be achieved on a Jolla device. You can try a few of the swipe gestures in the ToonsTV and Lock screen pulley menu.

The different views

The Stella Launcher consists of four views:

1. The Lock Screen

When you wake up your device, you will be taken to the Lock Screen. It's beautifully elegant: you can see the time and date, notifications (if enabled) and connection information.

Swipe your finger upwards in this screen to access the Home Screen. Swipe down to access the pulley menu - this must be the fastest way ever to put your phone on silent!

2. Home

The Home Screen is where your recent apps live. This screen fits up to 9 application covers to the Home Screen. Some application covers provide a preview into the application.

From this screen you can easily access ToonsTV with a simple swiping gesture from the edge of the screen towards the center (read more about using ToonsTV in the next section!)

3. Launcher

The Launcher contains all your application shortcuts. You can also create Folders by long-pressing on an application icon, and dragging it on top of another icon. It's easy!

See below:

You can also edit the icon of the folder and rename the folder:

To read more about Folders, please see here!

4. ToonsTV

ToonsTV is the home of all your favorite Angry Birds Toons. With the Angry Birds Stella Launcher you'll have cartoons playing on your device in a matter of a few simple taps. Go ahead and try it now!

3 The Angry Birds Stella Launcher content


ToonsTV is the home of the wildly popular Angry Birds Toons series. The Stella Launcher is your fastest access to enjoy all your favorite cartoons right on your phone. ToonsTV is seamlessly integrated into the Stella Launcher as all this content is a single swipe away!

Swipe from outside the screen from Left to Right:

In practice it looks like this:

It's as easy as 1-2-3!

ToonsTV contains the following views:

  • Featured: here you see all the featured cartoons and clips on ToonsTV.
  • Channels list: find all the channels of ToonsTV.
  • Channel: for eg. the Stella channel, where you can see all the Stella cartoons and clips.



You can use the Pulley menus to navigate from the Featured view to Channels:

This will bring you to the Channels view. Here you can choose a channel, or move back to the Featured view from the Pulley menu:

Below we've selected the Stella channel. Here you can choose a clip to watch, or use the pulley menu to move back to the Featured view or Channels list:

Select the clip you want to watch by simply tapping on its cover picture:

TIP: tilt your phone to see the video play full screen, tilt your device back to return to previous screen.


To see the video controls, tap on the video while the video is playing:


Angry Birds Stella game

Once you've installed the Angry Birds Stella Launcher, you will find the Angry Birds Stella download icon in your Launcher view:

1. Tap on the icon to be re-directed to the Google Play Store store to download the game:

2. Once you've downloaded the game, install it.

3. When the installation is finished, tap on the Angry Birds Stella icon to start the game:

Now you are ready to join the adventures on Golden Island with Stella and her fearless friends!


4 Disabling & Uninstalling the Angry Birds Stella Launcher

Disabling the Stella Launcher

To disable the Stella Launcher without uninstalling it, please do the following:

  • Open Settings (Note: not the Stella Launcher Settings) and go to "Apps".

Note: on e.g. Samsung devices you can't access the Application manager without pressing "More" (top-left first):

  • Open "Apps" to see a list of all the apps on your device:


  • Find "Stella Launcher" in the list of Downloaded applications and tap on it:


  • Then, scroll down a little and select "Clear defaults":


Now, press your device's Home key, and select the Launcher you want to use.

This will remove Stella Launcher as the default launcher that is used when you press your device's Home key. To switch back to Stella Launcher, repeat this process with your other launcher, and select Stella Launcher.

Uninstalling the Stella Launcher

Uninstalling the Stella Launcher happens just like uninstalling any other application:

  • Go to "Settings" > "Apps" (Note: not the Stella Launcher settings)
  • Find Stella Launcher in the list of installed applications and tap on it.
  • Select "Uninstall"

6 Troubleshooting issues with the Angry Birds Stella Launcher

Q: "I can't see the Angry Birds Stella background image on my phone!"

A: Please make sure that your device meets the system requirements of the Stella Launcher. Please also note that the Stella Launcher isn't optimized for tablets.

Q: "My phone looks a bit funny fater installing the Stella Launcher, I'm not sure if everything is woking as expected!"

A: Please make sure, that your device's Android™ version is supported. You can check the required Android version from the system requirements listed at the beginning of this document.


7 Giving feedback about the Angry Birds Stella Launcher

Any and all feedback on the Angry Birds Stella Launcher by Jolla is greatly appreciated!

7.1 Quick survey

If you could spend a minute or two giving feedback to us about the Stella Launcher, it would mean the world to us.

To give feedback, just follow this link. -- Thank you!


7.2. Rating & Reviewing Stella Launcher in appstores

Please consider dropping a line of text and a rating of the Stella Launcher in your favourite application store.

Thank you!

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