Browser Settings, Privacy & History

Jolla -

To access the Browser's settings, go to menu Settings > Apps, and tap "Browser".

Configuring the default home page

Type in the URL of the web page to which you want your browser to launch by default. The browser takes you to your home page when you launch it if you have closed all browser tabs before closing the browser app the previous time.


Configuring default search engine

In the first view you can determine the default search engine.  To search using these search engines, you need only to type your searchwords to the address bar of the Sailfish browser.

Configuring privacy and deleting history

Tap "Privacy" in the Browser settings screen to access the Privacy settings.


Do not track

When activated, this option sends a "Do not track" signal to websites. This means, that websites won't be able to track you across several websites.


Clearing private data

When you browse the web, some files and information is stored on your device to ensure for example the functioning of some website features, and to save you from typing the addresses of pages you visit often.


Under the heading "Clear private data", you can chose which data to be cleared once pressing the "Clear" button at the bottom of the screen.

"History": your browser keeps a log of all the webpages you've visited. Then, as you start typing an address, it will attempt to suggest the website you are typing to save you some time. Clearing your history will remove all suggestions.

"Cookies": cookies are little files stored on your device, that often help you remain logged into a website. Once you delete these files, you will have to log in again, and a new cookie will be created.

"Saved passwords": after you've logged in to a website, the browser will ask if you want to save the password. This saves you the effort of having to type the password every time you log in. Removing this data will make Jolla forget all your passwords.

"Cache": when loading a webpage, parts of that webpage are saved on to your device. This way the page loads faster when you visit it a second time. Removing this data will remove these files from your device memory, forcing the browser to download all elements of a webpage again.

"Favourites" (a.k.a. bookmarks): One can save the favourite webpages to the browser app for easy access in the future. Often the favourites are referred to as "bookmarks". All favourites saved to the device can easily be deleted with this option.

After you press "Clear", the deleting process is irreversible!



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