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Getting to the settings

There are two ways to access the Browser settings:

a) At the Browser toolbar, tap the "hamburger" button at the right end of the bar. The tools menu opens up. Push it upwards to see the last item of it, "Settings". Tap it. See the picture below on the left

b) Open the Settings app and select the Apps page at the top.  Tap "Browser" in the grid of apps. The view in the picture on the right appears. Tap "Settings".


Settings-from-browser.png  Settings-apps.png

a) via Browser toolbar                b) via Settings > Apps


This picture shows the Browser settings page with the default settings:




Configuring the default home page

Type in the URL of the web page to which you want your browser to launch by default. The browser takes you to your home page when you launch it if you have closed all browser tabs before closing the browser app the previous time.

Alternatively, stick to the "Start view". With this option, the Browser will open up to the view where you can type a web address (URL), tap a saved bookmark or use the browsing history to select the web page to view next.



Configuring default search engine

At the "Search on" item, you can determine the default search engine.  To search using these search engines, you only need to type your search words to the address bar of the Sailfish browser.

Note that it is possible to configure the search to happen at one specific website only, for instance, at Sailfish OS Forum only (see the last item of the picture below).




Configuring privacy and deleting history

In the Privacy settings, there are the following options:



Close all tabs on exit

With this option, all tabs are closed when you close the Browser app. When you open the app the next time, it will either show the home page set by view or the Start view.


Do not track

When activated, this option adds a "Do not track" signal to your Browser’s header, telling other websites that you don’t want their tracking cookies. Many websites have refused to honour it, though.


Enable JavaScript

Many web pages have been implemented (partly or fully) with JavaScript programming language. We recommend keeping this option enabled, i.e., allowing the execution of JavaScript on the visited pages, or else those pages may not work as intended.



Sailfish Browser keeps the website passwords saved by you here. You can check them, edit them or delete them.



Under Permissions, one can decide what resources the Browser app is allowed to use, even depending on the website.

For some resources (e.g. microphone), there can be site-dependent exceptions. For some other (e.g. cookies), it is possible to allow or block them and to set exceptions.

Settings_-_permisisons2.png    Settings_-_permissions_cookies.png



Clearing browsing data

When you browse the web, some files and information are stored on your device to ensure for example the functioning of some website features, and to save you from typing the addresses of pages you visit often.

Under the heading "Clear private data", you can choose which data and from how long a period is to be cleared. Commit the action by pressing the "Clear" button at the bottom of the screen.



After you press "Clear" button at the end of this page, the confirmation dialogue (see below) is presented. After tapping "Clear" at the top right corner, the data are cleared for good.  The deleting process is irreversible.





Destination of downloads

The last item of the settings is for selecting how to deal with the files to be downloaded by the Browser. There are two options, either let the Browser always ask for the destination before starting the download, or else select the folder you want to keep using for the downloads.

In the latter case, keep tapping the folder path until you are in the correct folder. Confirm the selection by tapping the "Download to" button at the top right corner.

The right-most picture below shows how the Downloads folder in the device storage was selected for the Browser downloads.


Settings-downloads.png  Settings_-_downloads_folder.png  Settings-_downloads_folder_chosen.png




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