Charging issues: Determining the condition of USB charging cable & connector

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If a device is experiencing problems with charging or connecting to host devices (PCs), it is worth trying to rule out if the cable being used is to blame, or the connector on the device itself.

In the picture above, the connector on the right has been damaged:

  • The connector is visibly been bent out of shape
  • The connector pins are receded or broken off
  • The cable is not provided by Jolla, which is revealed from its boxy shape. The official Jolla cable is more round.

When the cable has this kind of damage, you might experience:

  • Difficulties in charging the device without holding the cable in a certain position
  • Charging is prone to be cut off and started again. Device constantly reports of charging starting.
  • Device seems to charge when connected to PC, but never shows up as a connected device on it (Note: for Mac users this is normal, read about this here.)

Using a faulty cable with your device is likely to result in the charging connector on Jolla to break!

Using a faulty cable with your Jolla is likely to break the charging port connector, especially if you have to use a bit of force to get charging to continue or start.

Connecting the charging cable for e.g. at an angle to Jolla is bound to put mechanical pressure on the charging connector, and any damage that results from this is likely to be deemed as out of warranty damage.

If you suspect that your cable has deteriorated in quality, please take a picture of it and contact us. Your USB cable has 6 months warranty.

It's better to do something about this sooner rather than later!

The USB cable of Jolla is a standard one. In one end there is a USB-A connector and in the other end a micro-B USB connector. The cable has wires both for current transfer and for data transfer. Therefore the cable can be used to transfer data between Jolla and your PC.


Below is an image of a healthy Jolla charging connector:

  • The connector is free of clutter, dirt or objects to prevent the cable from fitting into the connector
  • The "tongue" in the center of the connector is intact, not bent and has a tiny gap below it.
  • The overall shape of the connector is intact.

Only significant force can bend or destroy the metal parts of this connector.


Summary: Questions and Answers

Q: What's the best way to test if my cable is broken?

  1. Replace the USB cable you are using with another cable.
  2. If you can charge your device with another cable, please take a photo of your Jolla cable and get in touch with us.

    Q: I don't have another cable to test with!

    A: Please use the image in this article to determine if your cable is faulty. When in doubt, get in touch.

Q: How do I know if its the charging port on my phone?

A: Please simply try charging your phone with another charger. If you can charge with another charger, we know that your device has a charging port that is intact.

If you suspect that your cable or charger is broken, please take a picture of the cable and/or charger, and get in touch.

Q: I don't have another charger to test with!

A: Please use the image in this article to determine if your charging connector on your Jolla is faulty.


Q: How long is the warranty of my charger and USB cable?

A: 6 months starting from date of purchase.

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