Using the "Search Other Stores" function in Aptoide

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If you can't find the application your are looking for in the immediate catalogue search of Aptoide, you can use the "Search Other Stores" function to extend your search.

Please see the steps below, or jump to this video to learn about using this function.

1. Open Aptoide

2. Press the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner to Search.

3. Enter your search word.

4. If the results don't show what you were looking for, press "Search Other Stores"

5. The browser will open, and Aptoide's website will show search results from a wider variety of application sources.

If you receive error "Unsupported action", please install an Android browser first!

6. Select the one you want.

7. Tap "Install" on the application page. You will soon see a notification about the file being downloaded. Tap on it.

8. You will be taken to Settings, where you can see the ".myapp" file at the top of the list. Tap on this file. You may see an error, but check back to the Aptoide application, where it should be asking you if you want to install the application.

9. Review the needed permissions and proceed with the installation.

10. You are done!

Please note: with current SFOS versions you need to tap the downloaded .myapp file in Settings > Transfers and then manually move back to Aptoide to continue with the install.


What is happening behind the scenes here?

When you install an application using the "Search Other Stores" function, what happens is that Aptoide will search beyond the app repositories or "appstores" configured within Aptoide application.

By default you will only be subscribed to the Jolla app repository, but subscribing to additional ones is possible. When you install an application from outside the Jolla repository, Aptoide will ask you if you want to add the new repository to your saved appstores.

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