Syncing calendars from web-based services (such as Exchange, CalDAV)

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Web-based calendars are handy, because it allows you to read and write to a single calendar on all your devices. All new markings and entries into the calendar will shortly be visible on all your devices. This article will assist you in setting up such calendars on your Jolla.

If you'd rather read about how the Calendar app works in general, please read this article.

Currently Jolla supports the synchronising of calendars from the following services:

  • Google
  • Microsoft Exchange Active Sync
  • Facebook
  • All services that use CalDAV. Predefined settings exist in your Jolla for Yahoo!, Fruux ja Memotoo.

Configuring a web-based calendar

Configuring a web-based calendar on your device requires that you simply set up that account on your Jolla. You do this in Settings > Accounts, and by selecting "Add account" from the pulley menu above.

Configuring an Exchange Active Sync calendar

1. Open Settings > Accounts, and select "Add account" from the pulley menu above.
2. Select "Microsoft Exchange". (If you can't see this option, please download Exchange support from the Jolla Store.)
3. Proceed to set up your Exchange account with your normal settings. If you need assistance doing this, please read this article.
4. In the very last phase of the setup, you can choose to synchronise the calendar with your Jolla. Make sure, that this selection is activated. Then, set up the synchronisation intervals depending on your need. In other words, define when and how often the calendar should be updated.
5. Pull left to Accept these settings and finalise setting up the account.

Your Jolla will now begin synchronising the calendar from your Exchange account to the Calendar app. If you have a lot of data in the calendar, this could take a while.

Supported Exchange calendar features:

- Downloading your Exchange account's calendar to your device
- Modifying the calendar entries downloaded from Exchange. Note.: does not apply to calendars to which you have Read Only rights.
- Creating new calendar entries and synchronising them to Exchange.
- Creating calendar alarms, receiving and dismissing them, as well as postponing them.

Configuring Google and Facebook calendars

Calendars from Google and Facebook accounts are added to Jolla's Calendar app simply by configuring that account with your device.

1. Open Settings > Accounts, and select "Add account" from the pulley menu above.
2. Then, select either Facebook or Google depending on which calendar you wish to configure.
3. In the next phase you will be asked to accept terms of use. You have to accept these terms to use these services.

4. Log in using your credentials to the selected service.
5. Next you will have to give your Jolla rights to use functionality offered by the account as you. Jolla won't post anything to services without you knowing about it.
6. In the final phase you have to enable synchronising the calendar to the Calendar app. Remember to define how often the calendar should synchronise. The default setting is "Automatically". In practice this means as often as a change is noticed.

Supported Google calendar features:
- Downloading your Google calendars to your device

- Modifying calendar entries synced from Google. NOTE: does not apply to calendars you have Read Only rights to.
- Experimental support for reading and modifying shared Google calendars
- Creating new entries and syncing them to Google's calendar

Note.: Google calendar's alarms aren't supported. However, you can get them as text messages by adding your phone number to Google's calendar service.

Configuring CalDAV calendars

NOTE: In Saapunki 1.0.7.yy CalDAV support is considered as being experimental. Therefore some features might not work as expected.

CalDAV is a calendar standard, that is in use by a number of services that offer synchronising calendars to multiple devices. If it seems, that you can't get your web-based calendar configured with your Jolla, it might be worthwhile asking your service provider if their calendar can be set up as CalDAV.

Pre-installed in your Jolla are the CalDAV configuratgions for the services Yahoo!, Fruux and Memotoo. Configuring these accounts is easy:

1. Open Settings > Accounts, and select "Add account" from the pulley menu above.
2. Then, choose one of Yahoo!, Fruux or Memotoo.
3. Enable CalDAV service by turning the switch light on.
4. Log in with the credentials of the selected account, and pull left.
5. In the final screen, select the calendars (and possible other items) you wish to synchronise with your device. Then pull left.

Setting up a general CalDAV account

You can follow the instructions above, but instead of chosing some of the pre-existing services, choose "General CalDAV".

Then you must fill in the following information:
Server address
Server path

Pull left when you've filled these fields in.

These settings are settings that you must get from your CalDav service provider.

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