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Sailfish OS Terms of Use

The My Info screen

Using social media accounts to the device

Jolla account creation

Jolla and Android apps

Anti-virus software

How can I protect my data on my device?

Installing apps from untrusted sources

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Sailfish OS Terms of Use

During the first start up of your device, you will have to accept the Terms of Use for Sailfish OS. You can't use the device without reading them. You can read them here.

The My Info screen

During the first start up, after accepting Sailfish OS Terms of Use, you will be asked to fill in details about your self. Filling these fields is voluntary, meaning that they can be left blank.

This information screen has been created for the purpose of generating a feature in the phone that could utilise this feature, but to date there is no implemented functionality that would use this information.

This information is stored on your device only, which means that it will not be forwarded to any party or used by any app.

Using social media accounts to the device

When you configure social media accounts to your device, such as Facebook, Google or Twitter, during the configuration you will be asked to give Jolla permissions related to this account.

Jolla must be given permission to post data to these services as you, and given access to your personal information that you have provided these services. This is required to receive the full functionality that these services proved.

Jolla will never send information to these services without you knowning about it.

Jolla account creation

Jolla takes the security and privacy of our customers very seriously. Our promise to our customers is, that we do not give our users' data to external parties.

During the Jolla account creation, you will be asked your name and birthday and you will  have to provide an email address.

We ask your email for identification purposes only. We have to be able to distinguish one Jolla account from the next, and we have to have means to providing lost passwords to correct addresses.

We ask about your age, because in the future, we might have applications in the Jolla Store, that aren't suitable for people of all ages. This is a measure to prevent minors having access to content not suitable for them.

Jolla and Android apps

Jolla enables the use of Android apps alongside applications that are "native" to Sailfish OS.

When you install an Android app from for example Aptoide or Yandex (the two appstores currently provided by Jolla), the user is prompted with the required privileges for using this application. These privileges must be accepted in order to use these applications.

NOTE: when installing applications from the Jolla Store, the notification of the required privileges is not shown. This issue is known and we are working to fix this as soon as possible.

When in doubt wheteher the application collects additional data to the stated, or to determine exactly what data is possibly gathered by the application, it is best to contact the developer of this application. Same goes for determining, whether the developer forwards this information to other parties.

Jolla is constantly improving the Android support running on Sailfish OS, and this means that changes will be made to what information Android applications can access on your device. The trend is to decrease the amount of access Android applications have to the device. However, customer feedback seems to suggest, that additional control is often wanted for Android applications, in the form of accessing for example photos and contacts of your device. This makes developing Android support a challenging balancing act, but we inted to be transparent and responsive regarding this kind of issues.


Anti-virus software

Sailfish OS does not have any known malware, and there are no recorded cases of virus infections on Jolla devices.

Android (TM) Support (read: Android applications) cannot make phone calls or send SMS messages. For this reason you don't usually need anti-virus software installed on your device, because these primary targets for Android viruses are unaccessible to them. We still would advise against installing lot of applications from questionable sources.

For these reasons we do not see a need for Jolla users to install anti-virus applications on their device.


How can I protect the data on my device?

The best way to protect the data of your device (in case of for example theft), is to set a device lock code to it. This means that, depending on your device lock settings, you will be limiting or completely disallowing access to your device from anyone who doesn't know your device lock code.

Read more about the device lock function here.

Installing apps from untrusted sources

Jolla recommends that you install applications from trusted sources like Jolla Store and the Android application stores available in Jolla Store. We do not recommend apps from untrusted sources although we have a menu setting allowing this. Jolla company has no visibility to those apps coming from 3rd party sources. Therefore they may be incompatible with SailfishOS, failing to obey the rules and restrictions about using services of SailfishOS. This can lead to malfunctions and excessive power consumption, and even put your privacy in risk.


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