Establishing and configuring an Internet connection (Mobile Data and WLAN)

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Just about every feature in your Jolla can utilise or may even depend on an active internet connection. In this article you will learn about the logic behind how an internet connection is formed and configured on Jolla.
Please note, that all instructions relating to the mobile network apply for the Jolla Phone only.
1 General information about establishing an internet connection
2 Configuring an internet connection from Settings
2.1 About Mobile network settings
2.2 About WLAN settings
3 How to quickly adjust internet connections?
3.1 What if I have both Mobile data and WLAN switched on?

4 Troubleshooting
1 General information about establishing an internet connection
The easiest way to set up your internet connection is to just go to an app (e.g. Browser) and do something that requires internet connection (e.g. open a web page). Each time an app requires internet connection and you don't have one already active, you get automatically asked to select an internet connection.
When this happens, select either your Mobile data connection or WLAN. Please note: if you intend to use mobile data, we recommend having a mobile data plan from your network service provider, otherwise using mobile data can cost a lot.
If you select WLAN, your device will search for currently available networks. After you see the wanted network in the list, select it. Depending on the network, you might need to enter a password for the network. After entering the password, tap Connect.
2 Configuring an internet connection from Settings
You can also set up the internet connections from Settings:
1. Open Settings > System
2. Then, under the heading 'Connectivity', select either Mobile network or WLAN.
2.1 About Mobile network settings
  • At the top of the screen, there is a switch for Mobile data (see item A in the picture below). Activating it will give your Jolla permission for the use of mobile data when needed. If you tap and hold item A, then you will get the opportunity to edit the settings of mobile Internet connection (normally there is no need to as the values are obtained automatically).
  • The whole page of mobile network settings is shown in this picture.
  • Changing your Data roaming settings refers to controlling if your Jolla has permission to use mobile data when you aren't inside your country.
    • If Data roaming is allowed, it will most probably result in added fees on top of your service contract, so by default roaming is disabled.
    • Setting Data roaming to "Always allow", will allow you to use Data roaming freely.
    • Setting Data roaming to "Always ask", you will need to confirm forming a Mobile data connection when Roaming.
  • MMS Access point: tapping on this text (item B) will allow you to set your Multimedia Messaging (MMS) settings manually. For most users this isn't required as Jolla retrieves these settings automatically (Users running software older than SailfishOS Paarlampi won't see this setting!)
  • Network mode: this option allows you to determine which network your phone is connected to. You will probably see 4G selected as default, but you can force your phone to prefer 3G networks, or use 2G networks only. Using 2G only will greatly reduce the speed of data transfer, but your reception will probably be better as 2G networks have better coverage. 2G setting also helps you save some battery life!
  • Select network automatically: this setting is on by default, because this is a task your Jolla can handle automatically. Should you need to select your network manually, disable this selection with the option below. Note that this setting does not affect mobile data only but also GSM phone calls and messages (SMS, MMS).
2.2 About WLAN settings
  • At the top of the page you will see a switch to turn WLAN radio on.
  • Pull down and select 'Connect to Internet'.
  • Once WLAN radio is on, available Wifi networks will be shown in the bottom part of the view. Select one of them and enter password if needed.
    Note: some WLAN networks want you to provide credentials through a web interface, and won't ask you to enter a password here. Open a browser and try to open a web page and you will be presented with the page where you can enter your credentials.
3 How to quickly adjust internet connections?
In our modern world, changing from one internet connection type to another can be a recurring task. That's why, in the Events view there are by default a few switches, which you can customize in Settings > System > Events.
 Flight mode switch:
Activating this switch is a quick way of disabling mobile network, WLAN, and Bluetooth connections. This is an easy way to close them when entering an area where using certain radios is not permitted (e.g. airplane, and some areas in hospitals). 
When Flight mode is on, mobile network is not usable and you don't get any calls or SMS. However, if permitted in the area where you are, you can turn WLAN and/or Bluetooth on while flight mode is on.
 WLAN switch:
It turns the whole WLAN radio on or off. If you know that you can't connect to WLAN for a while, you can turn WLAN switch off to save battery. 
 Mobile data switch:
This switch is a little different from the WLAN switch; instead of turning the whole radio on or off, it just allows or disallows the use of mobile data connection.
When the switch is on, your device uses mobile data connection when automatically usable WLAN networks are not in range. Please note  that if you intend to use mobile data, we recommend to have a mobile data plan from your network service provider, otherwise using mobile data can cost a lot.
What if I have both Mobile data and WLAN switched on?
With this setup your device will connect to WLAN networks (those that you have used previously) if in range, and use mobile data if familiar WLAN networks are not available.
Please note: Jolla is designed to save battery automatically when display is off, and thus you may see the phone connecting again when you pick your device where you left it and start using it.

4 Troubleshooting
Below are links useful in trouble situations, as well as some generally good-to-know information:
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