How do I copy my contacts from Jolla to another mobile device or a computer?

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Transferring over Bluetooth

If your secondary device supports it, you can initiate a Bluetooth-sync on the device you want to transfer your Jolla's contacts to.

  • Switch on your Jolla's Bluetooth in Settings > Bluetooth.
  • During the sync, be sure to accept connection dialogs on your Jolla's screen.

Please refer to the user guide or support material of your secondary device to know how to perform the sync.


Transferring contacts manually into .vcf file

To copy the contacts of your Jolla to another device or external storage in vCard format, you have to perform a backup, which will create the vCard file all.vcf on your Jolla device. It contains all of your local contacts. This file can then be transferred to another device for the purpose of transferring the contacts there, or to an external storage (such as your computer) for safe keeping.

Note: using this method, you will only be able to export your contact information (phone numbers and other details attached to contacts) from your device. This is not a method of recovering lost contacts that were destroyed in for eg. a  device reset or repair.

Using the Backup function to copy contacts from Jolla

1) Visit menu Settings > Backup and do a backup with the default settings. The instructions are in chapter 1 of this article.

2) Connect Jolla to a computer with a USB cable. Using the computer, find the Jolla device and files on the SD card.

3) Locate file named "sailfish_backup..." (e.g. sailfish_backup_2017-01-26T09-17-10Z.tar) and copy that to your computer.

4) Extract the .tar-file copied from SD card using a file archiver software (e.g. 7-Zip)

5) View the extracted folder which contains your backed up data.

6) In this folder, go to /People/data/ where you will find file all.vcf. It contains all your local contacts.

7) You can now copy this file to your computer, and from there to another device if you wish.


NOTE: Please refer to this article if your intention is performing a backup and not contacts transfer!

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