How do I move contacts from Outlook to Jolla to become local contacts?

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This article describes how to move the contacts from Exchange/Outlook to Jolla so that they become local contacts in Jolla, i.e. they will not be synchronized with the Exchange server any more. This use case is typical when somebody is changing jobs - there is the need to take the contacts from the server of the previous employer and keep using them locally.

This method is also handy for the general purpose of exporting your Outlook contacts into .vcf -format.


If you create an Exchange account to Jolla and let it synchronise your contacts from the server to Jolla they get the stamp 'synchronised'. If you then remove the Exchange account Jolla will automatically remove the synchronised contacts, too, so they will not remain in Jolla. The user interface of Jolla does not currently (SailfishOS have the possibility to change the contact type to 'local'.

It is possible to bypass this in the following ways:

1) If you have another phone you can probably sync your contacts from Exchange to it. Then you can move the contacts from that phone to Jolla. Jolla will classify these contacts as local and will not attempt to synchronise them. Please read the article about moving contacts to Jolla.

2) It is possible to export contacts from Outlook to vCard files (*.vcf) so that one contact becomes one file. Outloook does not unfortunately support this export properly but it is still doable. Another complication may be that different Outlook generations may work differently. At least in some Outlook versions (2010) it goes as follows:

- Open a new email message
- Click in 'To' field
- Select Message > Attach Item > Business Card > Other Business Cards...
- You will see the list of your contacts. Select a small amount of them (10-20-30-40...). If you select too many Outlook may crash. Click on OK.

- Now the message header area has the field 'Attached' which contains the contacts you chose in vcf format.Click in this field and select all contacts (ctrl-A). Then copy them (ctrl-C).
- Open some working directory, e.g. C:\TMP, and paste (ctrl-V) the contacts there.
- Fetch the next set of contacts from Outlook in the same way (unless you got all of them)
- When you have all of your contacts in this directory then it is best to concatenate them to one vcf file before moving it over to Jolla. The concatenation is described in detail in chapter "Importing from another phone over USB" of article moving contacts to Jolla.

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