Jolla’s unsolicited ideas terms and policy

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We appreciate the interest the community is showing in Jolla, and are working hard to deliver you the best products we can. In order to ensure that we stay clear of legal obstacles in the way of our goal, we have instituted a policy dealing with unsolicited ideas. Simply stated,

Please do not send us any unsolicited ideas for products, services, software, designs or anything else you’d want us to include in our products.

We will not review any such ideas, and our developers are not allowed to consult them. If you are interested in submitting ideas, we encourage you to pre-order your Jolla and join our upcoming co-creation program.

The reason behind this policy is to ensure that there are no legal question marks over what we develop. We are very interested in community feedback, but we encourage you to submit that feedback via our co-creation program.

Instead of sending such unsolicited ideas to us, we encourage you to bring those ideas to the attention of other members of the community in order to get their feedback on the merits of your idea. There are many good forums for such discussions, including some listed here.

If, despite our policy, you still send us unsolicited ideas (“Submissions”), you agree, regardless of what you say in your Submissions, that those Submissions will be non-confidential and subject to the following terms:

i) the Submissions will become Jolla’s property without any compensation being paid to you
ii) As a result of the Submissions becoming Jolla’s property, Jolla can at its sole discretion, use, distribute, and create derivate works of the Submissions for any purposes whatsoever.

Product Feedback

Although we cannot accept unsolicited ideas, we welcome all feedback you might have on our products and services. Please send all such feedback to Jolla Service & Support, by submitting a request.

Please remember that any feedback you send is non-confidential, and we can use it freely. This is important, as otherwise we cannot use the feedback to improve our products and services.

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