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Jolla supports wired headsets that use a 3.5mm connector, and that are of the AHJ (American Headset Jack) standard.

This is the most common headset type of modern smartphones, so picking out a correct headset should be easy enough. It is a good idea to avoid headsets designed for a single manufacturer or product, however.

Another common standard in use is the OMTP standard, but headsets using this standard are likely to not function as expected.


Supported functions of headsets

At the moment, Jolla supports the playback of music through the headset, and the use of the microphone during calls for example.

You should be able to accept, decline or disconnect calls by using a switch in the headset.

The other buttons, if available, do not unfortunately work.


Q: I'm having problems with my headset, and I'm not sure if its of the correct type!

If you try to use headphones incompatible with Jolla, you might be experiencing:

  • A crackling sound when playing back music (sometimes until you attach a charger)
  • Music playback sounds of low or distorted quality
  • Unplugging the headset partly may result in the sound normalising
  • The microphone doesn't work at all, or works badly

A: If you are experiencing these issues, try using your Jolla with another headset, that you know adheres to the AHJ standard, or that works with at least two other modern smartphones or tablets without issues.

If you just can't get headsets to work with your Jolla, please file a ticket or send your phone in for repair through your retailer.


More information on AHJ & OMTP standards

The root cause of problems with using a headset of the wrong standard is caused by the ground and microphone bands being in different places in the connector, to where the corresponding connectors are in the headphone jack.

Below is an image courtesy of a user's post on the WP Central forums that shows this difference:

Observable colouring of the different connectors isn't a clue as to which standard is in use. Manufacturers take liberties in designing the look of their connectors.

Further reading & sources

For more information, please read the resources listed below. These articles were used in the aid of creating this article.

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Nokia FAQ: "What type of wired headsets can I use with my Nokia Lumia phone?" -

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