Troubleshooting a WLAN connection

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This article is meant for troubleshooting a WLAN connection that does not work.

To establish a WLAN connection, select Settings > WLAN. For more information on this, please see our detailed instructions here.

How to solve problems when trying to connect to a WLAN network?


1. Restarting all network connections with Sailfish Utilities

Sailfish Utilities allows you to restart and refresh all wireless network connections on your device. It restarts the mobile and WLAN connection functionality of your device:
Read mode about this function here.

2. If you get an "Unable to connect" error message upon connecting to WLAN

  • Ensure that you are running the latest Sailfish OS version in Settings >  Sailfish OS updates
  • Please restart your device and attempt connecting again
  • If you were able to connect to this network previously, please long-press on the network in Settings > WLAN and select "Forget network". Then attempt connecting to the network again.

3. If you are trying to connect to an open (public) WLAN network

  • Check if the network is a hotspot which requires a login in a web page. Hotspots are usual e.g. in hotels, restaurants and venues. If the network is a hotspot, first connect to this network in the usual way in Settings > WLAN. Then open Browser and any webpage to get to the login page of this hotspot (they would redirect you automatically). Log in from there. After that the network should work normally.

4. If you are trying to connect to a secure WLAN network

  • Check that you typed the password right. Easiest way to ensure this is to tap 'abc' next to text field when typing in the password. That way you see see the characters that are entered.
  • Check if the password for that network has changed. If yes, go to  Settings > WLAN, press and hold the network until a menu is opened and then select 'Forget network'. After that, pull down and select 'Connect to internet', select the network, type in the new password and tap 'Connect' (you may need to slide the display up first to see this button).
  • Check from your network administrator which encryption protocol the network uses. Sailfish OS supports WEP, WPA/WPA2 PSK and WPA-EAP (WPA2-Enterprise).  Other encryptions are not yet supported. The same person can also tell you if the network requires more advanced settings like proxies or IP addresses. Those can be tweaked by going to Settings > WLAN, then pressing and holding the network until menu opens and selecting Edit.
  • After pulling down 'Connect to internet' there is also the option to 'Add network' which allows the manual configuration of a new network. Obviously, this requires solid understanding of WLAN technology and detailed information of the characteristics of the WLAN network you are aiming to configure to your Sailfish device.


5. If you are trying to connect to a WLAN network using MAC filtering

As a measure of safety, it is possible to configure a WLAN access point (WLAN router, WLAN device) to accept connection requests only from such devices the MAC addresses of which have been registered to the WLAN device.

If your WLAN device has the MAC address filtering enabled, you need to check the WLAN MAC address of your Sailfish OS device from menu page Settings > About product. Then add this address to your WLAN device.

The connection should work now.













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