How can I add ringtone and notification tones to Jolla?

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To use your own audio file as a tone in your Jolla, your file must be playable with Jolla Media app. In other words, it must be compatible with the audio codecs supported by SailfishOS. We also recommend your files to contain information of the album and artist names.

We recommend you modify your audio files on your PC before transferring them onto your Jolla. The tones can be placed in the phone memory or in the SD card.

To read about transferring files between your Jolla and your PC, please see here.

Selecting a ringtone for an ambience

  • Open Gallery > Ambience
  • Tap on the ambience you want to edit
  • Make it your favourite (if not already) by tapping on the star. Now you will see the selections "Appearance" and "Sounds" appear:
  • Tap on "Sounds"
  • Tap on "Ringtone" (or any other tone you want to change):
  • Tap on "Select from music files"
  • Tap on a song you want (you can search for a song by typing its initial letters)
    - Jolla plays the song
  • If you like the song then swipe left (or tap on 'Accept') to accept
  • Pull down "Set ambience".


By design, SailfishOS has two menus where to adjust the tones: one is in Gallery > Ambience (see above); the other is in Settings > System > Sounds and feedback. The latter has the set of default tones - they are in effect from the first start and thereafter if there no Ambience is taken in use. If you have set an ambience for you then the tones of it override the default tones.


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