SSH and SCP connections over USB from Ubuntu to your Sailfish device

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The following instructions apply to the recent Ubuntu versions (14.04 and later).
This help article is for Linux/Ubuntu If you use a Windows computer then read this article.


USB connection

Make sure you have the Developer mode enabled on your Sailfish device. If not, see this article.
Check that you have the SSH password set in "Settings > Developer tools > Remote connection".

Connect a USB cable between you PC and your Sailfish device. At the moment of connection, choose "Developer mode" at the device display.


SSH session

Open the Terminal on Ubuntu. Create SSH connection with the following command (you must sign in as user 'nemo'):

ssh nemo@

Type your SSH password now.

If a warning about "Remote host identification has changed" appears then give the command

ssh-keygen -f "/home/xxxxxxxxx/.ssh/known_hosts" -R

(where xxxxxxxxx is your Ubuntu username)

Now connect with SSH to the phone:

ssh nemo@



If the connection attempt fails, disconnect the phone from the PC. Restart the phone (consider restarting the PC, too).  Try again.


Using SCP over USB

The SCP connection allows you to transfer files between your phone and your Ubuntu computer.

Prepare the connection in the same way as in steps 1 to 4 above. Then type the commands to copy files between the two devices.


1) Copy file "User-manual.txt" from Ubuntu to your phone, to directory /home/nemo:

scp  User-manual.txt

2) Copy directory "Scripts" from Ubuntu to your phone, to directory /home/nemo/test:

scp  -r Scripts

3) Copy file "Journal.log" from your phone to Ubuntu (to the current directory):

scp  ./

4) Copy all ".log" files from a phone directory ( /var/log) to Ubuntu (to "some other directory"):

scp*.log  /some/other/directory


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