How Do I transfer my contacts from my N9 to my Jolla?

Jolla -

Over Bluetooth with SyncML

1. Enable Bluetooth on your N9 and your Jolla.

2. On your Jolla, go to Settings > System > Bluetooth sync

3. Pull down 'Add new device'. You should be able to see your N9 listed there. Tap on the N9 and then tap 'Accept'.

4. Follow on-screen instructions to do Bluetooth pairing between the N9 and your Jolla phone.

5. Reception of contacts starts automatically.

Over USB using Windows or Linux

If transferring contacts over Bluetooth doesn't work for you, you can try doing the transfer over USB.

1. Open the Contacts application on your N9. From the lower-right corner, select "Export contacts" and choose "File".

2. Select "Mark all" and press "Export". Your contacts are now exported to your N9 phone memory.

3. Connect your N9 to your computer and select "Mass memory" on the N9.

4. After you see your N9 connected to your computer, browse to the folder "Contacts". Here you should see the exported names as individual files in vCard File format.

5. Select all the files inside the folder and Copy them to the clipboard.

6. Create a folder called "Contacts" on your computer. Place the folder where you can easily find it. For example "C:\Contacts" on Windows. Paste the selected files into this folder.

7. Depending on whether you are using Linux or a Windows computer, follow the corresponding instructions below:

A) on Linux PC by using the Terminal application
    - go to directory "Contacts"
    - Type into the Terminal: cat *.vcf > ALL.vcf

B) on a Windows PC press "Start" and type "cmd" in the search box. On Windows XP you might have to look for the application "Command Prompt" under "Accessories"
    - go to directory Contacts ( e.g. cd C:\Contacts)
    - Then type the following: copy *.vcf ALL.vcf

After these steps you should have all of your contacts packed into one file, ALL.vcf.

8. Connect Jolla phone to the PC with a USB cable – select “PC connection” in the USB dialog. Wait for some seconds to let the PC to install the drivers. If this seems to fail, reconnect the USB cable and select “PC connection” again. Now your phone should appear as Sailfish drive on the PC. Look for Phone Memory under Sailfish.

9. Using the File manager on the PC, copy file ALL.vcf to Phone Memory. Don't place the files in a folder, but in the root directory.

10. Disconnect the phone from PC once PC has completed copying the file.

11. Go Settings > Apps > People:  tap on “From contact file” under Import contacts.

Tap on the vcf file in question. Phone imports the transferred file to phonebook People.
Confirmation of successfully importing the contacts from the file appears.
Tap on “View all contacts” to launch People application and to view your contacts.

Note: These contacts are called local contacts as they will not be synchronised to any servers. They can be edited on the phone but they remain local.

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