Jolla Phone: Support for 4G (LTE) data transfer

Jolla Care -

With Saapunki we introduced 4G (LTE) functionality for Jolla devices in the ITU1 region.

To use 4G on your Jolla, you have to:
* Make sure you have a 4G service set up with your mobile operator
* You have a 4G SIM-card from your operator if necessary
* You have set your Jolla to search for 4G networks in Settings > System > Mobile data

Jolla will only use 4G for data transfer, but continue to place calls through the 3G and 2G networks.

Please note: There is no 4G available for India. This is because the LTE frequency bands supported by Jolla work with the FDD technology whereas the frequency bands used by Indian operators require the TDD technology.

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