How do I contact Jolla?

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Best way to reach Jolla Service and Support is by submitting a request. Below you can find a list additional ways to contact Jolla.

The Official Channels
This is the official Jolla webpage. Here you can find the latest information about Jolla
Here you can find all the latest press releases.
The official Jolla blog - the official source of all the latest up-to-date Jolla related news.
Here you can find all our official contact details
This is Jolla’s official webshop where you can purchase a Jolla
The official Jolla Linkedin page‎
This is Jolla’s official YouTube channel


Care, Customer Service & Support 
Here you can available Service & Support resources.
Here you can find the Jolla Phone user guide.
This is the main Jolla Service and Support help center. Here you can find answers to your questions or submit a care request.
Here you can log in to your Jolla account or reset your password


Social media
@JollaHQ is Jolla’s official Twitter handle.
This is Jolla’s official Facebook page

This is Jolla’s official web community
Jolla offical channel
Jolla official Weibo channel
Jolla offical Tencent Weibo channel
Jolla official channel

E-mail addresses
This is the address we send the Jolla newsletter from. If you receive an email from this address it is an official Jolla newsletter
If you have queries about us or issues that are not related to care, please send your message to this address
This is where you can get developer support
Contact this address if you have questions regarding security issues & vulnerabilities regarding our products Contact this address if you are a media representative, a blogger or an analyst
Send an open application with your CV (in English) to this address if you are interested in career opportunities at Jolla


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