How do I get music to the Media application?

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This article is about the Media application thay you can download from the Jolla Store.

It is possible to add music to your Jolla device, either to the Mass storage or to a micro SD memory card in the device. The memory card can have the capacity of up to 32 GB, and it shall be formatted to FAT32 (read more about this here).

Instructions for Windows and Linux PCs

  • Connect your Jolla to your computer using a USB cable
  • Choose 'PC connection' in the dialog that appears on the screen of Jolla
  • Your device appears as a 'Sailfish' device on the PC
  • Under Sailfish one can find the top level folders 'Mass storage' and 'SD Card' (memory card)
  • Copy your mp3 files from the PC to folders in the device memory or in the memory card.
  • 'Mass storage' folder contains the folder Music by default but you can add your music files into any directory in the device memory or memory card.
  • Check with PC that the files appear on their target folders.
  • Disconnect the USB cable from the device as soon as you are sure that the files have been copied.
  • Wait a couple of minutes so that the indexing of the files gets done.
  • You now have the music files in the device, and they appear in the Media application.

Note about backups and music files

SailfishOS does not currently include any music files to the Backup. Therefore we recommend keeping the music in the SD card - Media app can find and play the music in the card equally well. If you have music in the device memory it is best to make sure that your only copy of the music is not in Jolla device memory.


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