How Do I Move Contacts from My iPhone using a Windows PC?

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The simplest way of transferring contacts from your iPhone to your Jolla, is by first downloading your contacts from iCloud, and then simply transferring them to your Jolla phone. This article will guide you through these two steps.


  • You have a valid Apple ID 
  • You have Configured iCloud on your iPhone and enabled syncing of your iPhone contacts to iCloud.

    If you are unsure whether you have syncing to iCloud set up on your iPhone, please go to, and log in using your Apple ID. If prompted about not having a device set up with iCloud, press “Learn more”. If you are able to log in, continue reading these instructions.

    If you don’t know what your Apple ID and/or Apple ID password is, please refer to, and attempt logging in. Then follow the instructions provided by iCloud to retrieve your Apple ID and/or password.

Step #1: Export your contacts as a vCard: 
This is always the first step, regardless of which method (described below) you plan to do the transfer over. All the instructions in this article will assume that you have done this step.

  • After successfully logging in to iCloud, select Contacts (Yhteystiedot)
  • Find the little cogwheel in the bottom left corner, and press it.
  • From the pop-up menu, click on “Select all” (Valitse kaikki)
  • Click on the cogwheel again, and click on “Export vCard…” (Vie vCard…)
  • A download dialogue will be presented to you by your browser. Take note of where the file is saved, you will need to know its location in the next step.

Depending on whether you are using a Windows system or a Mac, please follow the corresponding guide below:


Step #2:

Using a Windows PC, sending file over USB

  1. Connect Jolla phone to the PC with a USB cable – select “PC connection” in the USB dialog. Wait for some seconds to let the PC to install the drivers. It may be necessary to reconnect the USB cable and select “PC connection” again. Now your phone should appear as Sailfish drive on the PC. Look for Phone Memory under Sailfish.
  1. Using the File manager on the PC, copy the .vcf file to Phone Memory. Don't place the file in a folder!
  2. Disconnect the phone from PC once the file transfer is complete.
  3. Go Settings > Applications > People:  tap on “From contact file” under Import contacts.
  4. Tap on the .vcf file in question. Phone imports the transferred file to phonebook People.
  5. Confirmation of successfully importing the contacts from the file appears.

Tap on “View all contacts” to launch People application and to view your contacts. You are done!

Using a Windows PC, but sending file over Bluetooth: 

  • Visit on a Bluetooth enabled laptop and log in with your Apple ID
  • Open “Contacts” 
  • Select the contacts you wish to transfer to your Jolla
  • Click on the settings icon and 'export vCard'
  • Save the exported file to a known location.
  • On your Jolla, under the ‘Connectivity’ headline; tap on ‘Bluetooth’
  • Tap to switch on Bluetooth
  • Enable Bluetooth on the laptop
  • On the Bluetooth page of your Jolla; Pull down and tap on 'search for devices'
  • You can now see a list  of  all devices you can connect to; choose the laptop from this list
  • Your Jolla will now ask you ‘accept’ the connection
  • You should now be able to connect with the laptop
  • On the Laptop , click on the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar and click  'Send File to device'
  • Select the exported contact files and press 'send'
  • On your Jolla; 'Accept' the received file
  • The file should pop up as a notification on your Event screen when downloaded
  • Tap on the file on the notification to open it 

If the last two steps don’t happen: 

  • On your Jolla; tap on 'settings'
  • Tap on 'Apps'
  • Tap on 'People'
  • Under the headline 'import contacts' select the recently recieved file (eg. iphone_contacts.vcf)
  • Now all your contacts should be imported from the .vcf file into the People app
  • Tap on 'View all contacts' to go to view all the imported contacts
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